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Incorrectly selected search queries can ruin your project. Sharpening the articles under the wrong keywords, you risk getting untargeted traffic, which, subsequently, will form a high percentage of failures on your site. That is, for the successful development of the project, it is important to understand the user's motive, and the types of search queries will help us in this.

There are 3 types of queries:

  • Navigation, which the person sets in the search to find a specific site.
  • Informational, with the help of which the user searches for one or another information without being tied to a specific Internet resource.
  • Transactional actions that imply committing an action (for example, download, purchase, order something).
  • General, which do not fit the description of the previous 3 types of queries.
  • Multimedia based on the search for media content.

The role of different types of requests in the promotion of


If a person is looking for information on a particular portal, or just a specific site that his friends recommended him (or he had once been there, but does not remember the exact name of the domain), then, as a rule, he asks the search engine similar questions:

Kaliningrad official website
profithunter promo code
Vkontakte site

If a person is looking for your site on a particular request, then the conversion will be high. However, if you advance the navigation request of any other project, it is likely that there will be a high failure rate.


These are requests that a person enters without being linked to any site. That is, he is interested not in the resource itself, but in the information that it can get from it. For such requests, it is best to sharpen articles, instructions, tips, etc. For informational keywords, people visit a blog / website to find out something valuable for themselves, and if you get to the point and give comprehensive information, then you automatically improve your behavioral factors.

If your project is non-commercial, then displaying information requests for first positions helps to make money on advertising, and first of all, on contextual ones.

If the site is of a commercial nature (i.e., you are selling or offering something), then such keywords, written in expert articles, help to earn your Central Asian / Brand loyalty and trust.

People can search, for example:

  • results of the final match;
  • manual for the operation of household appliances;
  • phone of any organization, etc.


What is the purpose of your site? More precisely, what do you want to give to your users? Just present some information? Sell ​​them something? Help in downloading, subscribing to a useful newsletter? Well, then you need a list of those keywords by which people want to perform an action. They usually include such words as “buy”, “order”, “subscribe”, “download”, “repair”, etc. But this does not always happen.

In this case, it is important to distinguish transactional requests from, for example, informational. Thus, a person who specifies the query "Subaru Forester repair" may have completely different things in mind.

How to choose the right requests and not to drain the budget for promotion - Profit Hunter

Let's try to refine this query in wordstat. yandex. ru. We get:

repair Subaru Forester + do it yourself
download repair Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester + service and repair reviews
repair Subaru Forester in Moscow

That is, the user can search for a manual, reviews about some auto repair shops, repair services. Just the last will also be transactional request.

The conclusion is as follows: carefully study the topics, sub-requests, needs of your target audience. Take, for example, the keyword "plastic windows reviews." Think about how a person thinks by asking such a question to a search engine, and who he is. Perhaps, this is the one who has been sufficiently located on different sites of companies and is now looking for which windows and where they do it qualitatively and inexpensively, based on the opinions of already established buyers.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand that this request is transactional. But if we take into account the fact that the people who set it, have already found enough information about products of different brands, learned and compared prices and are now looking for reviews, then it is clear that they belong to "hot clients" who have almost made the decision and are ready to buy .

T. e., in search of transactional requests, do not forget:

  1. to study your Central Asian;
  2. to specify keywords, look for nested and as accurate as possible.

Sharpen under these keys better pages that carry only basic information, without long entries and "watery" descriptions. They should have price information, a download link, a buy or subscribe link, brief advantages, etc.


We have already partially reviewed them above, speaking about Subaru repair.Based on the general request, we can not know exactly what exactly the user wants to do: read the information, get some manual, order or something else. If you are promoting a page for a general request, it is highly desirable to provide the user with a choice. That is, it should contain information, for example, on repair, the ability to receive a book in pdf format and order a service. This will help increase page conversion.


These are keywords that include the words "video", "photo", "clip", "tracks", "audio", etc. The goal of the people who set multimedia requests - immediately see something, listen. They can also be classified as information requests, but in this case the user specifies what he wants to see after clicking on the link in the list. And there is a need for him to provide it, otherwise the visit time on the site will be equal to a few seconds.

By the way, plus advances in multimedia to the query for the optimizer is an opportunity to increase clickability due to the fact that the output will show not only the title with a snippet, but also photo / video content. Here is an example taken from Yandex:

How to choose the right requests and not to drain the budget for promotion - Profit Hunter

But the display of video content in Google:

How to choose the right requests and not to drain the budget for promotion - Profit Hunter


  1. Before drawing up the semantic core, study the portrait and the needs of your Central Asian.
  2. If the project is commercial, focus on transactional requests, and use all other types of key phrases as additional ones to increase trust, loyalty, and brand awareness.
  3. Try to understand what the person thinks about when asking this or that request. If a single key phrase can mean different motives and goals, it is necessary to provide them in full on the page being promoted.

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