How to choose email service, TOP 10 best

One way to get people to return to the site is to invite them to subscribe to the newsletter.

Go to any quality resource, you will see that Email is being offered to users. This is a powerful tool not only for marketers, but also for ordinary bloggers.

The best mailing services, are looking for a replacement for the Smartresponder , which ceased to exist on November 1.

It's a pity that such a powerful system no longer works, and thousands of users had to look for analogues. They were created a lot, so you should not worry, the main thing now is to choose a good system.

How to choose email service, TOP 10 best

How to select the Email mailing service?

It is impossible to determine which mailing list service best suits you. It is better to look at several systems and decide on the choice. Each system has its pros and cons, and the most important thing is that almost everywhere a free tariff is offered.

To make it easier for you to choose the service for sending letters , we have compiled a selection of the best systems:

1. - Email and SMS mailing service, with an intuitive interface and excellent support. In comparison with competitors, prices are a bit overpriced, and in the free tariff, the possibilities are severely limited. Of the advantages, you can select

  • convenient interface and navigation;
  • a lot of email templates;
  • the form is embedded anywhere;
  • a plug-in RSS feed.

2. - a mass mailing service that is ideal for small business owners. There is nothing superfluous, do not have to overpay. Analytics, advanced statistics, all the necessary tools. For bases up to 1000 subscribers, everything works for free, prices are not too high, only without a site it is impossible to activate an account. Pros:

  • quality support;
  • easy to use;
  • relatively low prices;
  • adaptation of the distribution to mobile devices.

3. - Email service, which is often chosen by professionals. We'll have to fill in a lot of fields during registration, that's all of the flaws. In addition to the main purpose, the system is useful for info businessmen to create landing pages and conduct webinars. There are many advantages:

  • autoresponders are available;
  • advanced analytics;
  • different types of forms;
  • a bunch of templates.

4. - mail service, paid and multifunctional. It should be used with huge subscriber databases. For beginners prepared training. The company is solid, it does not even give a test free mode. Prices are high, great quality guaranteed. Among the advantages of the system:

  • subscriber database filters;
  • responsive letter design;
  • different message types;
  • convenient reports.

5. - A foreign Internet mailing service that has Russian localization. The company is positioned as a system for beginners with the simplest set of tools. The paid package is inexpensive, there are not so many functions, there are limitations when working with texts. There are also positive aspects:

  • better support;
  • high-quality statistics;
  • excellent appearance;
  • easy to use.

6. - e-mail service with a talking name. It is convenient to use them, tariffs for large companies and small subscriber bases have been developed. The analysis of marketing companies is offered. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use them from mobile devices, and their advantages here:

  • the ability to pay for a certain number of letters;
  • Russian-language templates;
  • creating interactive letters;
  • Assistance in creating letters and attracting subscribers.

7. - in RuNet, this is the number 1 service in terms of mailings. Users can configure many options and use not only Email. It is also a sms mailing service that comes in handy for large companies. You can’t see emails before sending, but there are more advantages:

  • low cost;
  • widest set;
  • surveys for subscribers;
  • mailings RSS.

8. - mailing service in Russian, where there are no restrictions on the number of subscribers. Try to use the system offered in test mode for 2 weeks (maximum 500 letters). All emails are checked by moderators for spam, positive points:

  • letters with an adaptive design;
  • preview of letters from any devices;
  • convenient analytics;
  • add new features.

9. - one of the most expensive services. The high cost is due to professionalism, reliability and quality. Here the fastest delivery of letters, and in a day the system is able to send over 2 million letters. Some tariffs have restrictions on the number of letters, and the advantages are:

  • free demo version;
  • most detailed analytics;
  • quality statistics;
  • user friendly interface.

10.- A simple and convenient automatic mailing service, which you can use during the test period or at a free rate (up to 2500 letters). It is used by professionals and beginners, the system has a chip - this is a design for the style of the site. Users note these benefits:

  • bonuses are distributed;
  • SMS distribution;
  • detailed analytics;
  • convenient editor.

The review of mailing services turned out to be quite large, but now our readers will be able to choose the system to suit their goals. Not all projects are the same, you need to compare them and take into account the prices.

How to choose email service, TOP 10 best

It is better to compare mailing services yourself. Almost all have a trial period or a free tariff, so you can evaluate them without spending a penny.

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