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Investing in securities is one of the best ways to spin your capital.

Stories of the richest people on our planet are often associated with the acquisition of shares. But there are many stories when people regretted their actions. Like, for example, holders of Google’s securities, who sold them for a few dollars many years ago.

How should investors choose their shares correctly? In order to profitably deal with such deposits, you will have to immerse yourself in the securities market.

To determine which stocks can only be bought by a true professional. Not so long ago we told how to buy Google shares for Webmoney, and now we decided to give some useful tips.

How to choose a stock investor? | Workion. ru

What stocks to buy?

It is not at all necessary to have a huge amount in order to raise a serious profit through securities.

In the article on how to buy Gazprom shares, we have already said that you can start with just 300 rubles and increase your deposit several times during the day. It does not even require the purchase of securities, everything is much simpler.

If you are serious about buying assets, take your time.

Rely on the following factors to purchase stocks with high growth potential:

  1. Do not limit yourself to one or two exchanges, expand your search and compare prices. It is often possible to find securities an order of magnitude cheaper than market rates. Basically, such offers are found at major events, when someone tries to get rid of the risks.
  2. Be sure to check how earnings on stocks are waiting for you. If after carrying out inspections it turns out that the profitability is not significant, is there any point in taking risks? It is better to wait for a really lucrative offer and occasion, than to be sprayed on low-profitable securities.
  3. What else needs to be checked is what kind of share dividends an investor receives. Holders of securities can count not only on income from the sale of assets, but also on periodic deductions. They depend on how actively the company develops, some happily live only at the expense of dividends.
  4. The liquidity of the shares must be assessed before purchase. You should always have an emergency exit, so it is better to choose securities that will be easier to sell in case of emergency. Remember, liquidity is more important than profit, and it is more important than turnover.
  5. Without certain knowledge, no one can determine the potential of a company. The shareholder must be confident that the company, in whose securities it invests, will develop. Therefore, it is better to choose firms from the industry in which you at least understand something.
  6. On the one hand, new technologies are a great option for take-off, but it is too risky to buy shares of innovative companies. We all remember how pagers were once in vogue, but their age quickly ended. It is better to invest in something that does not lose relevance (for example, the production of chocolate).
  7. The best way to decide on an asset purchase is to think, would you like to become the owner of this company. Introducing yourself in the manager's chair, it is easier to decide whether a business can really be made profitable. Even if only one share is bought, it makes sense to try this.
  8. There are no statistics on the exchanges; you can see who invests in what. Chasing a crowd is not worth it, as a rule, this is a bad deal. Often deliberately cause a stir around a company, so that people actively bought up securities. Have your opinion, do not take into account the behavior of the crowd.
  9. Stay tuned for business news and look for the names of companies that come up with something new, attract attention or gain a large audience of customers. Sometimes, just one new product provides an effective start for rapid development and prosperity.
  10. Well, the last piece of advice is a cold-blooded attitude to securities. Many shareholders are attached to the companies in which they invest. This can not be done categorically, because pity can make you refuse to sell shares when it is really necessary.

Nowadays, becoming a shareholder is not difficult, but not everyone can choose assets. Adhering to these rules, it will be much easier for you to make the right choice.

How to choose a stock investor? | Workion. ru

Remember that securities are not the only way to make a profitable investment. You can invest in traffic arbitration, a completely different direction with a decent income.

Often, people try to discern in new Google or Microsoft companies. Such firms are opening up, but it’s almost impossible to determine their potential.

Therefore it is better to buy securities of proven companies with a long history. For them, at least you can make forecasts and analyze.

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