How to choose a quality HYIP? HYIP term

Due to investments in the Internet, you can reach a stable and large salary, but you need to invest competently.

Everyone knows about the existence of HYIPs (HYIP) - investment projects that bring high income. Skeptics immediately refuse to use them, but experienced people know that such services are really capable of making a profit.

How to choose a quality HYIP? Unfortunately, most of the HYIPs quickly close and depositors lose their money.

In order not to become one of those who lost start-up capital due to contributions to a low-quality project, it is necessary to give their own assessment of the system. After reading this article, you will be able to independently evaluate any HYIP.

How to choose a quality HYIP? HYIP term

In which HYIPs can you invest money?

First, let's look at a few basic factors to quickly weed out all scam. First of all, evaluate the project on 7 grounds:

  • contact technical support and make sure that it works;
  • check reviews of the site, best of all;
  • project life should be at least a year;
  • website design should be of high quality;
  • profit distribution scheme is only transparent;
  • as many connected payment systems as possible;
  • real prospects (400% per day is impossible to earn, be realistic).

This is a short plan to check all the hyips that you come across on the Internet.

Be careful, even if the project is on the white list for all check items, it is not a fact that it is of high quality (HYIPs appear on the Internet almost every day and close with the same frequency).

The duration of the HYIP

There are three groups of HYIP projects with different degrees of risk. Somewhere high interest rates are offered, and the system works for several days, and somewhere small, but the project has existed for years.

It is important to learn how to divide such projects and assign them to one of the following groups:

1. Low Yield HYIP. The safest investment option. As a rule, services that offer a low percentage of profits (5-15%) work long and consistently pay money.

It is quite difficult to find them, a great example is FinPro and Geometrika. On the first, they promise a yield of 8-12%, and on the second, it completely depends on the number of invited people. Both projects have been operating for several years and are likely to last for a long time.

2. Mid-income HYIP. An average percentage of 20–30% is often offered with money withdrawal games. Despite the fact that these are games, they are also HYIPs, because first you need to invest in them, and then earn income by playing.

For example, the payback is 18-40% , the project has recently turned a year, and it is actively developing.

How to choose a quality HYIP? HYIP term

There is in this area and a more serious example is the game

that has existed for over 4 years.

3. High Yield HYIP. In high-yield investment projects, percentages of 50-80% are offered. Honestly, such HYIPs are in almost all cases scam.

We will not even give examples, since there are no high-quality projects with such profitability. If you want to receive big money from your investments, it is better to find a quality PAMM account or learn how to trade binary options.

When choosing a HYIP, you need to remember about the risks of investing in such projects, and they only boil down to the fact that such projects are closing quickly. Do not believe advertising, check everything yourself and invest money only in those projects that cause you to trust.

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