How to choose a quality hosting? 9 hosting selection criteria

Setting a goal - developing a site, no matter what you do it for, first of all you need to think about where your resource will be located. Today hosting services are provided by a huge number of companies, but not every one of them guarantees the stability of your website.

In some cases, however, stability is guaranteed, but you have to observe the constant failures and unavailability of the site. How to choose a quality hosting? In order not to turn this article into an advertisement, you will be presented with several criteria by which you can choose the ideal hosting provider for your sites.

How to choose a quality hosting? 9 hosting selection criteria

9 selection criteria for hosting

  1. Paid hosting. If you decide to run a high-quality full-fledged site, then the hosting must be paid. Paying for services provider, you can always make a complaint, as well as the functionality will be much broader. 2 best hosting - and.
  2. Contacts and communications. Using hosting services, you are sure to contact technical support for solving complex issues. In order not to become a client of a company where you have to wait for a response for weeks, check the speed of technical support in advance.
  3. Age of hosting. An excellent criterion for choosing a proven hosting provider. If the hosting company (website) exists for more than 3 years, then, most likely, it can be trusted.
  4. Hosting reviews. To get feedback on hosting, you can use the Internet, the opinion of friends and acquaintances or forums. The last option is the most literate, since reviews can be fabricated online, and acquaintances may simply not be.
  5. Availability FAQ. High-quality hosting provider, be sure to make sure that its customers can quickly get answers to questions without contacting technical support. The presence of the forum and the section "Question-answer" is a positive side.
  6. File manager. Administering the site, you systematically have to upload information to it, edit the code, and much more. Be sure to check if the hosting provides the ability to enter the directory, i.e. FTP access or file manager.
  7. Disk space. Here it is necessary to consider several tariff plans, as a rule, there are several quality providers. The optimal volume for a regular blog is 2 GB, which is enough to accommodate a large website.
  8. Auto-install CMS. Recently, content management systems began to be actively used by beginners, and platform autoinstallers began to appear on hosting. With this functionality, again, you can draw some conclusions about the company.
  9. Price. The last and most important indicator that you should definitely consider. The high cost of services is far from being an indication that quality hosting. By comparing all the options according to the criteria above, determine the lowest cost and make a choice.

How to choose a quality hosting? 9 hosting selection criteria

A lot depends on which hosting you choose. Of course, it can be changed at any time, but this may be due to various interruptions, therefore it is better to take care of the choice of quality service in advance.

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