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Or " how to choose the right hosting? ” Remember how you chose your first hosting? Eh ... You search through a lot of offers in the network, look at the tariffs, torment the support. But most interesting is that Do not pay attention to the most important things when choosing a hosting. This is already over time, with experience, we understand what you need to look at first.

how to choose a hosting right? - Profit Hunter

How I got hooked on “quality” hosting

I had such a case. I registered somehow Ukrainian domain. As a newbie, what kind of hosting did you choose? Known, with many reviews and more. And the tariff came up: a lot of places, processor power, the purse was not very good for money. The main thing that is reliable (I thought so or convinced me). The feeling was like behind a stone wall: that the site will fly, FTP will not slow down, the caliper is always in touch ... What is the result?

I’m thought that once hosting is popular known for many years on the market means reliable and high quality. As a result, it turned out that not everything is as rosy as I imagined. The site is very slow. Naturally, braked and FTP. And although the caliper tried hard to do something (tested, checked), nothing came of it. As I later began to guess (after reading heaps of forum threads on this topic), the sites on the server could be heavy on traffic sites. Maybe the torrent sites.

By the way, there was also a case with torrents. Already on another hosting. And that site hung all its neighbors. Fortunately, the caliper asked to move out that site altogether.

In the end, I'm pretty sick of it. It was a very unpleasant feeling: I spent a lot of time and nerves to choose the right hosting, paid the tariff at a price higher than the market average. And instead of continuing to develop the site, I returned to the starting point: to search for a new hosting. Only now it was necessary to deal with the transfer of the site.

Imagine what it is?

After a lot of creative work on the site, its settings, dopilivaniya template and other things, you finally place your site on one of the servers. Next, write articles, pumping the site for key requests. Visitors start coming to you, leaving comments. There are already regular readers. Even advertisers appear. You hang up banners ... And now quite unpleasant details are starting to be found out: the server does not want to work around the clock, and not everyone can get to you, and besides, the connection leaves much to be desired, and the server constantly fails. Periodically, users are shown pages with an error of 502, then 404.

What should I do? Move to another server? A lot of work will have to be done anew, to inform advertisers about the changes. Imagine that you have planned some kind of competition or marathon, announced it. And ... zapadlo.

What should be considered when choosing a hosting service?

Do not think that since there are so many hosting offers today, which means that hosting owners, against the background of competition, care about the quality of services, you will get what you want. The choice of hosting should be approached very seriously. Consider that you are buying an office for your future firm. So, how to choose a hosting?

how to choose a hosting right? - Profit Hunter

  • server capacity . Will a slow server slow down your site, affect page loading speed? Of course. Such a server can simply “kill” your site. First of all, in the eyes of users, and secondly, search engines can filter your site and lower their positions.
  • server reliability . Resistant to stability and reliability of the system components over time. Reliability is measured by the function of time between failures and is described by the term “MTBF” or Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). This includes regular technical problems with the server, as well as insufficient, as an option, technical and software equipment. What does it mean? To increase reliability, servers are often equipped with such means of increasing reliability:
    • UPS, RIP (backup power sources);
    • air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature of up to 20 degrees;
    • SMART systems (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) - a system for analyzing and predicting possible failures of hard disk drives;
    • RAID systems to ensure server continuity and data integrity even in the event of problems;
    • memory self-test at boot, as well as ECC (Error Checking and Cor rection).
    • ...
  • UPTIME server or server availability . This is one of the most important indicators when choosing a hosting. 100% uptime server does not happen. The maximum is 99. 99%.
    • 99% uptime corresponds to approximately 15 minutes downtime (the time when the system is not running) per day. This is 8 hours per month. If you have a commercial resource, then 8 hours may be critical for you.For example, it was just at this time that a fat client came in with a “modest” bundle of money, but nobody was home. Understand?
    • 99.90% - 50 minutes per month;
    • 99.99 % - 50 minutes per year (4 minutes per month).
  • the ability to host CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI and other scripts . Today, hosting is provided PHP support by default. However, if you need support for other scripts, pay attention to this: is this service included in the tariff or do you need to pay extra for it? Again, script processing time depends on server capacity. Consider it.
  • phi location of the server . Directly affects the quality of communication and, accordingly, the speed of loading the site or page. And the slow work of the site in this case may not depend on the capacity of the server of your site. I think you yourself know that sites from the United States or Japan will be loading much slower in Russia than in its own region, it’s all about the distance and the number of nodes (servers) through which the information packets have to go (website in general). Therefore, there is only one conclusion: if you are promoting a website in Russia, choose Russian hosting, if American, then American. For example, I keep some Ukrainian sites on Russian and German servers.
  • the number of supported sites and databases (databases) . Here is the taste and color. It all depends on your needs.
  • provision of dedicated IP . Not a required parameter for most sites.

It is clear that no one will tell you absolutely all the information about all the subtleties, and we don’t need it. If the hosting is solid, then he calmly puts all that he needs on his website. Here, for example:

  • convenient control panel of hosting services ISPmanager;
  • 24/7 support;
  • unlimited number of sites, domains, databases and mailboxes ;
  • completely unlimited traffic;
  • DNS support;
  • PHP support as an Apache module, CGI, FastCGI;
  • Python support in the form of Apache WSGI, CGI;
  • support for Perl, Ruby, TCL in CGI mode;
  • support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite;
  • support Server Side Includes (SSI);
  • support for all popular CMS , automatic installation from the Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, typo3 and other scripts panel;
  • access via F protocols TP, SFTP and SSH;
  • data backup to a separate server (backup);
  • UPTIME 99. 99% ;
  • phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, Django;
  • flexible rate.

About server power. Any self-respecting hosting will use serious server technologies from companies such as HP and DELL. So, the standard virtual hosting (VPS) configuration can be DELL R510:

  • 2 x Quad core E5620
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 8 x 300GB SAS (fast disk system)

I think that such a list of services can be provided for ANY rate . As for me, this should already be the standard.

The need for quality hosting grows with the increase in projects of both our own and client ones. You understand that there is no time to solve the problems with the hoster, when you have everything arranged by the minute. Therefore, the search and selection of hosting is a serious matter.

Post Scriptum

I was looking for hosting for a new project according to the above criteria and found a new hosting for me, Euro-byte.

At first, I could not understand where the tariff table and the list of services are. It turned out that there is no tariff as such. You only need to choose the amount of disk space for your sites and that's it. Everything else is UNLIMITED. It will be necessary more space for sites, give.

Next. Hosting is located in European DC, has certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. I note that the EuroBay in the report of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment was noted as one of the best in the conservation and use of electricity in the world. The level of technology, however.

This is the decision to “not bother users with choosing necessary / unnecessary services” for the first time. You don’t need CGI or Ruby, don’t use it. Does this mean that you will overpay? After all, you don’t need most services. None. That's just the point.

Has anyone tested this hosting already?

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