How to choose a hosting for WordPress? TOP 4 best hosting

Without registering on the site, the hosting provider cannot start the site. In order for your project to be visited by users, it must be placed on the server.

It is unprofitable and technologically difficult to start it at home, so using the services of providers is the best option.

How to choose a hosting for WordPress? This question is often asked beginners. The WordPress platform is perfect for blogs, and learning how to manage this system is easiest.

In fact, you can install such an engine on almost any hosting, but you need to remember that not all of them are of high quality.

How to choose a hosting for WordPress? TOP 4 best hosting

Which WordPress is better?

You can find the best WordPerss hosting yourself.

If you do not want to be engaged in checks for a long time, you can use proven providers:

  1. is a great option for hosting WordPerss, where you don’t have to overpay. Only for 100 rubles a month you will receive 3 GB. memory and the ability to host up to 30 sites (there is a tariff for 50 rubles). The Workion blog is hosted by this provider.
  2. - a popular and high-quality hosting provider. Its advantage is access to the automatic installer engine. By pressing a few buttons, you will get a ready and installed site on a paid hosting.
  3. - another provider that has the auto-installer of popular engines. If you make a payment for the year, then you will also give almost 100 rubles, and you will be presented with a domain in the zone for free. ru.
  4. - this company is better known as a domain name registrar. From 87 rubles a month you will pay for the cheapest rate, and for this money you will receive 5 GB. memory and can accommodate up to 10 sites.

When choosing a hosting service, also you need to consider the purpose of creating a site . If you plan to launch the grid of the HS, it is better to read which hosting to choose for the satellites.

In this article, we presented the most favorable tariffs for different providers. If you plan to create a large and high-quality project, then use the hosting from the list above.

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