How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Before you start writing articles that will become part of the portfolio or will be exhibited on the content exchange, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the classification of texts that are most often bought.

There are many classifications of content. Most often, the texts are divided into informational and marketing; this division is very conditional, since any text sells anything, otherwise it would never have been written and would have been of no interest to anyone.

We have compiled our own list of basic categories that will be useful to you in your work.

Here are the main types of texts that buyers on article stock exchanges are most interested in:

  • informational texts describing a phenomenon, concept, product, service, or resource;
  • reviews on a topic and comparing products, services, resources, and services;
  • texts to solve a problem (usually in different ways);
  • articles -instructions solving the problem "the only right way" - in the manner described in the form of a step-by-step guide (they are sometimes called the texts "how to");
  • advertising of a product, brand or company, written in the information and familiarization style;
  • selling text that has elements of a special offer and motivating to order a product or service immediately;

Quite often, styles are intertwined: an article devoted to general issues of landscaping It may end with a call to buy well-known fertilizer or a landscape design offer.

In review articles you can often find fragments containing step-by-step tutorials, and in informational articles - the specifics of comparisons. However, it is best to take one of the templates as a basis, mixing styles and complicating the texture according to the circumstances directly in the writing process. Now let's take a closer look at each category.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Informational texts

The goal is to acquaint the reader with a phenomenon, opportunity, market, product or service. It is assumed that the author is familiar with something that the reader does not know. It is assumed that this knowledge may be useful to the reader, solving one of his problems. The fact that the information must be useful, we must not forget.

Example 1. The article is intended for young people and is dedicated to sports. It tells how to keep fit without serious time and effort. Understand different options: visiting the pool, short runs, home exercises with dumbbells and an expander.

Example 2. The article is intended for young girls and is dedicated to weight loss. The text describes the advantages and disadvantages of popular diets.

The main task of the information text is to highlight the set topic as fully as possible. Completeness of coverage should be based on the practical interests of the reader (it should focus on the practical side of the issue, talk about possible applications and benefits, avoid long historical excursions and theorizing). Information articles are published constantly. Most of the articles for sale are informational.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Reviews by list, reviews-comparisons

The main task of such articles is to list the proposals of some industry, describing the pros, cons and The main differences of the main proposals. Usually attention is focused not on the problem, but on the benefits (the best games for smartphones, the most popular microblogging services, the most beautiful cities in Europe, etc.). However, the article will only benefit if the benefit is logically connected to the solution of the problem - rest after work, automation of routine processes, etc.

Before writing such an article, a list of what will be compared is usually made. It is not necessary to make a full rating and give away prizes, but you can, if you are not limited by size.

When writing a text, it should be determined how much space will be given to each position. When comparing it is absolutely not necessary to use a single scale: information will be better perceived if there are lively subjective assessments in the comparisons. Such texts often publish paper editions.

Example 1. The article is written for young people 12-40 years old and is dedicated to the most powerful smartphones released at the beginning of this year. It is not necessary to make an accurate list, it is enough to describe the most powerful of those that managed to get an expert. The beginning of the article is a list of models, the middle is the assessment of models (characteristics, power, screen size, power consumption, etc.), the end is general conclusions about the model range and the announcement of the winner.

Example 2. The article is intended for active Internet users and describes the most popular image storage services.The introduction contains general information and a list of services, each service is analyzed in the main part (whether it exists for a long time, whether registration is necessary, how long a picture is stored, whether processing is possible, restrictions on the volume, etc.). Usually such reviews are written without the usual conclusion: the format does not require any conclusions or assessments.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Articles that help solve the problem

When creating such articles, it is necessary to include fantasy. The same problem can be solved completely differently. Cleaning in the room can be done with a broom or a robot vacuum cleaner. You can invite a girlfriend or a whole company of friends to help deal with the extra rubbish. In the end, garbage can be disguised by draping it with rags and sheets, and you can creatively use it to create a beautiful installation out of it.

The more ways to solve a problem are proposed by an article, the more interesting it is to read. If the problem is really a problem, the article will quickly find a buyer.

While fantasizing, you should not offer deliberately utopian solutions, and turn a useful article into a fantastic story. The main objective of this text is to offer a menu of different solutions, each of which may be the best in certain circumstances.

Example 1. The article is intended for young owners and describes various entertainments during a party. The beginning of the article is a description of the problem (sometimes guests are bored), the main part is a list of fun entertainment.

Example 2. The article is intended for novice photographers and tells how to improve the quality of a digital image. Understand the various filters, effects and shooting modes, as well as additional software for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Step-by-step guides

Step-by-step guides on registration on various Internet services, work with software and gadgets are very popular in Runet . The most important thing is accuracy: there are no trifles in this genre. You must specify the exact version of the software, do not forget about the fine details of the interface, describing all the buttons, checkboxes and switches.

Example. The text is dedicated to removing the red-eye effect using the NoRedEyes plugin in Photoshop and is intended for unskilled users. A rough outline of the article: opening the image in the editor, downloading and installing the plug-in, setting the plug-in parameters, applying the plug-in, saving the modified image.

The step-by-step guide looks much better if it is illustrated by author's pictures - screenshots, in which the interface fragments in question are highlighted with circles and arrows. With a well-written step-by-step guide, only the video recorded by the same rules competes.

If you can write without water, clearly explaining everything that can cause questions, you will never be left without work. Step-by-step guides are in constant demand not only in Russia, but also in the rest of the world. Especially this genre is popular in the USA, where there are successful rich publishers, publishing How to manuals in the form of separate books.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Advertising texts written in the form of a neutral information review

Most often, such texts are published on small websites and blogs. Such texts often have a small size and are created according to the same plan: the problem is dramatization (pain) - possible solutions - the best solution, which is the advertised product or service.

Customers of advertising texts do not like when their product or service is described meticulously and disapprovingly, they are too critical to details. It is not necessary to write enthusiastically, but soft warmth does not hurt. Articles of this type are very popular in RuNet. Most often they are published on blogs and satellite sites. Buyers of such articles are most often companies offering SEO services, as well as optimizers-private traders.

Example: advertising the services of a company that provides special equipment for rent. At the beginning of the article describes the disadvantages of owning special equipment, which is rarely required.

In the middle, methods for solving the problem are described, the most effective of which is hourly rental. At the end of the text "among other things", the company providing these services is recommended. It also mentions the main advantages of the company, as well as the advantages that cooperation with this company promises.

How to choose a genre for an interesting article? text classification

Marketing texts

Write a good sales person only a professional familiar with psychology. Such texts are good at psychologists, journalists and marketers.

Salesmen work if the author manages to reach the reader’s subconsciousness and force him to perform the necessary action when the mind has not yet made a final decision.Different techniques are used: play with triggers, use of strong images and win-win comparisons, special rhythm of the story and multiple returns. One sales person is dedicated to one commercial offer; Attempts to sell everything at once do not work.

The demand for good salespeople is very high, and advertisers who know how to create masterpieces in this area are ready to pay any money - after all, costs quickly “beat off”. To learn to write such texts well, constant practice and understanding how the decision-making mechanism works is necessary. The demand for good, working selling texts is great and continues to grow every year.

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