How to check the readability of the text and how to improve it?

Each webmaster is engaged in filling the sites and creating content in his own way. On some successful blogs, there are voluminous texts with detailed information, others take informative, but numerous posts.

The most important thing is that the material is easy to read , because first of all it is written for people.

Text readability, how to check and improve it? We will tell about this in this article, and we recommend that every blogger, webmaster, and copywriter take this seriously.

Content quality is very lame on most sites, and even if you correctly optimize the post, it will not be perfect if the material is difficult to digest.

How to check the readability of the text and how to improve it?

An important factor is the readability of the text on the site

One of the readability indicators is the font and color gamut. I sometimes come across sites whose owners are trying to be creative using unusual fonts. It looks really nice, but it’s better to stick to standard characters, they are easier to read and familiar to visitors.

I am not a professional designer, I will not advise anything about the color schemes (everyone’s private matter). But when the background is not correctly chosen and the text is represented by some bright colors (including white), the sight quickly gets tired of reading and as a result the visitor closes the tab:

How to check the readability of the text and how to improve it?

Minor Letters should not be used either, not everyone is sitting with his nose buried in the monitor, and not everyone knows how to increase the page of the site. To determine which format is ideal for publications, you can conduct an experiment. Try using different designs and evaluate behavioral factors.

After checking, I found out how much headlines and subheadings affect the readability of the text. Only by the title of the article, many people determine whether they should start reading something at all. Subtitles are needed for a quick acquaintance with the material, sometimes there is simply no time to study an article of more than 10,000 characters.

It is difficult to bring texts to perfection, especially if there is no experience in this matter. Some authors believe that it is better to make the most meaningful material, in the hope that the majority of visitors will nevertheless agree to read, since there are few letters.

This is not the right approach, it is better to divide the material into several parts, then everyone will choose something that interests him.

5 ways to increase the readability of the text

Do you want your articles to be read to the end and users will not strain from this? We must try to increase the readability of the text. The layout plays an important role in this matter, but there are other important points:

  1. Discard the standards and stop writing carbon copies. Such phrases like "Our company offers ..." are on every commercial site. Why rewrite it from time to time, because there are many other forms to represent this information. Include fantasy, in extreme cases, use synonyms.
  2. Separate sentences may reduce the readability of the text if they are piled up with different turns. Remember one simple rule: one sentence - one thought. It is better to finish thoughts more often than to continue stretching them and turning the text into a mess.
  3. The volume of offers is desirable to change constantly. Alternate short (up to 4 words) sentences with medium (up to 10 words) and large (up to 23 words). This helps to diversify the material and does not make the reader bored. Professionals use this, so their articles are read in one breath.
  4. It is better to refuse some "hackneyed" expressions. In the article on what stop words are, you will learn more about this. It also explains how to check the text for readability online, precisely for these words. Check before publishing, again, use synonyms.
  5. Words when writing articles are desirable to use with regard to the target audience. If there is no need to pile up the text with abbreviations and complex terms, then it is better not to do this. This is especially true of sites on general subjects where "unenlightened" users can look.

Five simple tips will help authors create content that will be easier to learn. Naturally, this will affect the conversion and the number of fans. Let the visitors are not professional writers, they still appreciate the efforts made, at least by how interesting and easy to learn the material.

How to check the text for readability?

The best way to perform such a check is to try to read the text out loud yourself. It is out loud, as it helps to identify complex parts. Every experienced copywriter does this, some even re-read articles several times. Plus, it is possible to find errors and fix them in time.

Verification of text readability is offered by several services.Perhaps these mechanisms will help you determine the quality of the material and figure out what needs to be corrected. The first service is called, through it the pages of sites are analyzed or the text is added.

Just specify the link and after a couple of seconds you get the report:

How to check the readability of the text and how to improve it?

An interesting indicator is given here - the age of the target audience. It is not clear how it is calculated, the Wikipedia article on astronautics was used for verification, but the system reports that this scientific material is intended for readers aged 17-19. The second service where you can check the text for readability online is called.

It is necessary to insert the text and the data is immediately displayed:

How to check the readability of the text and how to improve it?

There is also the "Syntax" tab, it is also worth checking out. Just do not turn into a robot that will bring every material to the point that no errors will appear at all. No bots are able to assess readability, better than the human brain.

The readability of the texts on the site should be monitored, since with their heavy assimilation, most of the visitors simply close the page and begin searching for information elsewhere. It is better to transfer the most important articles to other people for checking; acquaintances can point out shortcomings and give useful tips.

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