How to check the casino for honesty?

The tempting offers of online casinos attract the attention of a huge audience of users, but, unfortunately, many have to be disappointed.

New customers are promised fair and independent play, generous bonuses, responsive support, but all this is only in words .

Check the casino before making a deposit, even if it uses a well-known brand.

Unfair game project organizers often hide behind well-known companies and even create colorful resources, and problems appear only when you want to withdraw money or use one of the promised privileges.

How to check the casino for honesty?

How I became a victim of a dishonest casino

If you have been reading the Workion blog for a long time, then you should have noticed how many articles about gambling The games here are published.

Naturally, I use them, and they are one of my favorite entertainment, but from time to time I have to deal with fraudsters. Yes, I was deceived and for obvious reasons, I deleted an article with a review of the casino long ago.

On one of the popular sites I noticed an advertisement for a popular casino where a unique promotion was held.

I registered, received a bonus, played it back and replenished the balance. Unfortunately, I did not manage to increase the bankroll, but $ 20 remained on the balance sheet, which I decided to withdraw.

For some unknown reason, my payout was “hung” in standby mode for 4 days. After that, I turned to technical support.

This "responsive" support responded only after a week (at that time I already knew that the money could not be returned). Their accusation that I created multi-accounts did not surprise me, the standard way of cheating.

How to check the casino?

About the fact that you need to carefully review the reviews, already described in the article "How to recognize fraudulent online casinos." Checking the reviews of other people, be sure to make sure that there are payment screenshots on the network and read the texts, they may be of the same type (stranded).

What else you need to pay attention to is the license. It is presented in a special section (fair game, about us, licenses). In most countries, gambling is banned; therefore, such licenses are issued in Malta, Panama and other small countries.

The cost of such a license starts from $ 20,000 , serious money that honest owners of online casinos spend. It has this document:

How to check the casino for honesty?

The lack of a license unleashes the owners of sites with games, as they are not afraid to lose it.

In addition, on the basis of such a license, agreements are concluded with the developers of gambling. Therefore, if the casino presents games from the best developers, and not just Flash games, you can trust it.

Independently making sure that you need to check the casino before replenishing the account , I began to treat the new sites in a different way.

Now, until I check all the little things, even on the recommendation of friends, I do not register at the casino. I advise you to pay attention to the license, reviews and other factors, otherwise you can also fall for the bait.

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