How to check site availability, site verification

The availability of the site is one of the factors by which its quality is evaluated. Accessibility is the performance of the Internet resource, and every webmaster should monitor the work of their project.

Systematic failures can lead not only to a decrease in site’s popularity, but also to problems with search engines that systematically indexed pages. How to check the availability of the site ? Especially for this there are services, one of which is Ping-admin. ru.

The functionality of this site provides the ability to monitor each of your server’s services, for example, databases, FTP, DNS, etc. According to statistics, this project processes 15 to 20 thousand errors daily, therefore its relevance use really is.

How to check site availability, site verification

Accessibility of the site

A very convenient tool is the ability to receive notifications about failures of your site. As a contact, you can provide an email, RSS or even set up SMS notifications.

The full functionality of the site availability check is paid, but after registration, you will receive $ 1 to your account, which will be enough for a long period of time to receive reports on the operation of the Ping-admin service. ru.

In addition to paid services, the Ping-admin project. ru provides and the possibility of free checks. To do this, you will need to go to the section " Free checks ", specify the website address and select the regions from which the checks will be performed:

How to check site availability, site verification

As an example , we decided to check our blog for availability, and chose 4 regions. The test results were as follows:

How to check site availability, site verification

As you can see, in all 4 regions, our project is available, and thanks to the results, we can estimate the speed of its work. The speed of loading pages does not exceed the permissible standards, which means that there is nothing to worry about and it can be said with confidence that our project is currently functioning normally.

In addition to this free functionality, using Ping-admin. ru you can check backlinks, Ping and get the opportunity to install regular checks. All this is provided free of charge, including the automatic site check .

Under the conditions, you only need to install a service counter on your website, after which the project will be available once a day and if errors are detected, you will receive emails.

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