How to cheat on ads on the Internet?

Internet fraudsters use almost all popular services to search for victims.

Internet ads are not an exception, because there are many boards on the network, and their administration is simply not able to track scammers.

There are quite a few instances of deception through online advertisements, and not everyone is able to recognize fraud in time. In addition, ads are often so attractive that the victims "lose their heads" and do not notice frankly suspicious things.

How to cheat on ads on the Internet?

Scammers in online ads

Probably the most common type of fraud through online ads can be called working as a translator of written text in print. A huge number of people were led to this, and the fraudsters came up with an interesting scheme, receiving money, ostensibly to make sure that the employee is serious.

Similar frauds with job advertisements were observed a couple of years ago, it was only suggested not only to print the text, but also to assemble the office, cut out stickers and so on. Today, this fraud is so popular that almost no one is on it.

How to cheat on ads on the Internet?

How do they cheat on ads?

In addition to job advertisements, fraudsters manage to deceive people by offering various services and products . We will not even talk about payment via the Internet, so everything is clear with this. But some scammers act even more frankly.

For example, an interesting incident occurred with one of the Russians who was trying to get a good job. After a personal meeting allegedly with the head of the traffic police, he was asked to buy candy and expensive brandy, and also to put several thousand at the expense of the superior person who had to make a decision about his employment.

Naturally, after all this, no one took him to work, but the worker did not despair of this "grief" and wrote a statement, after which it turned out that his deceitful employer did not work anywhere at all.

To worry about cheating with ads is necessary and using the forums. Very often in the forums you can find topics with offers to buy and sell various goods (services). Most recently, one of the users of large forums fell for the fraudster, who decided to help him.

The victim created a theme with a request to help find the display from a rare phone, and the crook offered him the necessary detail. When a month passed, it became clear to him that no one would send anything to him, and the e-wallet was blocked by that time.

What conclusion can be made? You can not trust anyone, and you should be skeptical and suspicious of lucrative offers.

Believe me, it is much better to go to a normal online store and let them pay more than not receive the goods at all or significantly different from the expectations, in any case, the virtual store can make a complaint, and an individual can disappear altogether.

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