How to cheat buksy-scam? | Workion. ru

Newbies do not consider ways to make money related to investments or any complex Forex-type niches.

They want to start with something simple, such as making money online with clicks. Mailers provide such an opportunity, however, and here you can stumble on scam.

Earnings on clicks and scammers, as well as in any other niche, you must beware of deception. Often, I come across online advertising books, ready to pay up to the dollar per click. Who can believe it? Only the one who has never done this, because this is an obvious divorce.

How to cheat buksy-scam? | Workion. ru

How do the scam mailers cheat? Scammers sneak up from everywhere, even on social networks and on forums, to believe everyone in a row is stupid.

It is necessary to remain realistic and understand that orders for clicks are created by other people who are far from stupid.

Who wants to pay the dollar per click to the performers, when you can pay a cent for the best mailers to earn money for such actions.

Someone will say, they simply do not know about their existence or they are not experienced enough. Well, yes, they created their sites, figured out how to put ads on them, but do not know about the existence of clique sponsors.

Only a stupid one will believe that someone from experienced users will deliberately part with their money.

If we are talking about click tasks, the fee for them is unlikely to be higher than a cent (if there are no additional requirements and you don’t need to open more than 3 pages). If we are talking about surfing and letters, where they also click on the links, then the normal payment is around 7 kopecks.

Please note that in addition to the cost of rewards, advertisers donate a percentage to the system. Therefore, they pay even more (on average, the mailer takes 25% of the order value, they also send deductions to referrers).

If you decide to make money on clicks, then choose leading axle boxes, there are several dozen of them, the rest is rubbish .

How to cheat buksy-scam? | Workion. ru

Signs of a bad-quality box

Only beginners earn clicks, fraudsters count on it. Therefore, investment projects are often advertised through the axle boxes, and frank scammers are shown in surfing.

Do not even register with the click-on sponsor if:

  1. Too high rewards - suspiciously high amounts of payments for clicks should be suspicious. Well, advertisers cannot pay more than 5 cents for a click task, and then there will be a lot of additional conditions and a requirement to go to a bunch of pages.
  2. Impose paid services - buy referrals, pay for some VIP and get more tasks, open passive sources of profit, and so on. Normal SARs don't do that. Go to Wmmail and look at the paid features, they are only additional, it’s not necessary to use them.
  3. High concentration of advertising - owners of fraudulent books do everything, if only there are external transitions from their site. They put pop-up windows, require to visit the site when registering, logging into the account and so on. Apparently, this is not a serious resource, since it makes its customers constantly watch ads.

Turn on your brains when you go to any sites. Leaders have already been established in the niche of the clique sponsors, why bother to use analogues? They still will not pay more, whatever one may say, advertisers are not fools.

How to cheat buksy-scam? | Workion. ru

Scammers do not miss the opportunity to deceive unsuspecting users, although they themselves do not receive much profit from their clicks. Beginners should be wary and wait for a trick from everywhere, fraudsters use earnings on clicks, as it is popular among beginners.

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