How to change VKontakte password quickly and easily?

Vkontakte users, this is one of the groups of people who constantly fall for fraudsters.

The hacking of pages on the social network happens all the time, and naive users still believe that they are in a personal message A link came from a stranger, by clicking on which you can get wealth free then.

How to change the password Vkontakte? If you clicked a link, new communities appear in the list of your groups or strangers appear in the list of friends, immediately change the password from your page.

Experienced users advise doing this every month in order to be confident in the safety of .

How to change VKontakte password quickly and easily?

Instructions for changing the Vkontakte password

Users of this social network are offered simple functionality for changing the password. Just go to the settings and select the general tab:

How to change VKontakte password quickly and easily?

On this page (approximately in the middle), there is a section where you can change your Vkontakte password:

How to change VKontakte password quickly and easily?

Enter the old password and specify a new one a couple of times. After that, the phone receives a message with a code so that you confirm the change of data.

If you do not have access to a phone number, change the number (here in the settings) or contact technical support.

When entering a new password, be sure to monitor its complexity. One of the methods of hacking pages is the use of programs that pick passwords . The longer and harder the combination, the harder it is to pick it up.

If you do not know what password to think up, use the generator

/. This tool will help you get a strong password up to 16 characters with numbers and letters.

Vkontakte complex password is one of the main security factors. Do not forget that you can not use passwords like qwerty or 123456, they are checked first. Also checked the name and date of birth.

If you want to securely protect your page, use randomly spaced characters, just do not forget to write such a password.

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