How to change the referrer to Wmmail? How to get away from the referrer?

One of the reasons why users register with Wmmail is a profitable affiliate program.

A huge number of people are actively inviting employees, but not all the users involved by them are satisfied with their referrer, and Immediately this can not understand.

After registering with the referral link, the user is assigned to the participant who invited him, and he does not have the opportunity to independently leave the network of referrals. Therefore, beginners often wonder how to change the referrer to Wmmail. There are several ways to do this.

How to change the referrer to Wmmail? How to get away from the referrer?

How to get away from the referrer on Wmmail?

You can leave the network if you are sold through a referral exchange or if your referrer is blocked or removed from the system (you get to the exchange from inactive).

If you regret having joined the user due to constant spam, foul language or a bad attitude, then boldly gather information and complain to the moderators. If the rules of the project are really violated, your referrer may be blocked and after that you will be able to buy on the exchange from inactive ones.

If the referrer does not suit you for personal reasons, for example, if the bonuses are too small or there are no contests, you will have to use alternative methods.

You can contact your referrer by internal mail and ask him to sell you on the exchange. No threats and ultimatums, if you are refused, you can not do anything, so it’s best to ask.

No persuasion on your referrer is affected? Then the last option remains - this is re-registration on Wmmail. No, you cannot immediately open a new profile, you will be blocked for this, you must first delete your old account, and then re-register.

In personal data there is a link to delete a profile:

How to change the referrer to Wmmail? How to get away from the referrer?

Within 7 days, your profile will be prepared for deletion. It is impossible to speed up this process. After the end of this period, you will be able to delete your account, but in order to register for the same Webmoney wallet, you will have to wait 30 days.

Only after this time has elapsed will your profile data be completely removed and you will be able to re-register.

The latter method is used extremely rarely, since not many are ready to abandon their profile with the already typed rating. Therefore, most often to change the referrer to Wmmail you have to offer a sale at a bargain price.

For example, you can transfer a worthy amount to your future referrer so that he will buy you back, but the most important thing is to initially agree with your referrer.

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