How to change Google Chrome theme?

Some people wonder why people change the design of various programs and Windows, because it does not affect the speed of work, and sometimes even affects the performance decline.

The fact is that many people like design, and in many modern programs there is such an opportunity.

Not an exception, and Google Chrome browser, in this browser, you can choose the design. All you need to do is learn how to change the Google Chrome theme.

This is easy to do, but for beginners we have compiled step by step instructions so that no one gets confused.

How to change the design of Google Chrome?

When making changes to any of the settings for this browser, you need to open the main menu and go to the settings. This can be done using the special icon in the upper right corner:

How to change Google Chrome theme?

In the parameters there is a separate block with settings for the design of the browser platform, where you need to click the "Select theme" button:

How to change Google Chrome theme?

After that you will be directed to the Google store, where many different designs are available. Paid designs are extremely rare, so you can choose almost any design:

How to change Google Chrome theme?

To apply one of the topics, you need to hover the mouse over the name or rating, after which the description of the template and “Free” button:

How to change Google Chrome theme?

Next, the theme download and its installation begin. You do not need to do anything, the browser on the full machine will perform all the necessary functions and in less than a minute, you will see the browser in the new design:

How to change Google Chrome theme?

By repeating this procedure, you can see any design Google Chrome and choose exactly what you like best.

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