How to bypass the ban by IP address?

All quality sites have certain rules for their use, which are often forgotten by visitors.

Many faced blocking by IP address, this is the toughest punishment by administrators and moderators (who is a moderator). But even if you had to deal with it, you can still fix it.

How to bypass the ban on IP? If you are blocked on any website by a network address, the easiest way is to log in at any cafe with Wi-Fi or by visiting your friend.

This method is suitable if you need to visit a resource once or twice. If you constantly need to use the site, you will have to change your IP.

How to bypass the ban by IP address?

What should I do if I’m blocked by IP?

To visit the sites where you received a ban, you just need to use online anonymizer. They will replace your network address, and you will easily enter the desired site.

There are quite a lot of such systems and we described them in detail in the article How to log in through another IP.

Before you go to the site, clean the cookies files and it is better not to try to enter your old profile, otherwise you can be calculated.

To demonstrate how this all works, let's try using a proxy using Hideme. First of all, we will find out what network address we have now been issued (how to find out your ip address):

How to bypass the ban by IP address?

This will be useful for us to check. Now we go to and on the main page we select "Anonymizer", after which we indicate the site address:

How to bypass the ban by IP address?

We specifically indicated the address of the site where the IP address is displayed. Now you can make sure that it has changed:

How to bypass the ban by IP address?

Everything is very simple, but it is much better to do this bypassing the IP ban using a special program. You will also find her on Hideme.

You can try it for free, but then you have to pay 11 rubles a day to get 74 servers from 35 countries (the cheapest tariff). Simply put, you can go through any country and not only on the site.

Programs for replacing IP addresses will also be useful for online gamers who are banned. Install software, change the network address and create new accounts.

If you have no money, and you are ready to spend time searching for servers, as well as work at reduced speed, you can use.

This program helps to work with proxies, but most free proxies work slowly and not for long, therefore it is better to immediately find money for paid services.

It is not so difficult to bypass the ban by IP, it is enough to change the address, and for this there are many different ways. In general, it is better to first study the rules of different sites and game servers, so that later there are no problems.

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