How to buy online on credit? loan in Navigator Market

Looking through various products in online stores, many users want to make a purchase, but due to lack of money they are forced to abandon the purchase. Now this problem is solved, you can quickly issue a loan for any purchase, for this purpose a special widget has been developed that can be installed free of charge in your Google Chrome.

This is called

, many people have already received loans with it and were able to buy products they liked. This extension works for all online stores, so you can shop where you like it more. How to buy online on credit? Now we will tell in more detail.

How to buy online on credit? loan in Navigator Market

Credits via the Internet for any product

After you install the extension in your browser, goods will be displayed at the bottom of the online stores additional button:

How to buy online on credit? loan in Navigator Market

Clicking this button opens the settings for the terms of the loan, as well as a special form in which you need to enter information about yourself:

How to buy online on credit? loan in Navigator Market

A few minutes after filling out this form, you will be contacted by a specialist who will conduct a full survey (be prepared to name your passport details). Then your data is transferred to the bank that issues the loan. About an hour later an employee of the bank calls to clarify the data and agree with you the terms of payment.

Within two days, you will be contacted by the online store where you make the purchase in order to specify the delivery date.

How will you pay the money? This will tell you the representative of the bank.

What if the product does not like it?

It can be returned according to the established laws. When returning the goods, representatives of the Market Navigator draw up a return in the online store, and the money received goes to repay the loan. As for the interest, the Market Navigator assumes their reimbursement.

Every child. Call Center of this project processes more than a hundred applications, and in most cases users manage to purchase goods on credit. By the way, delivery of the loan agreement is free of charge.

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