How to buy links on the blog?

Blogun's most popular service, through which a huge number of quality sites are monetized, is ideal for building up link weights.

Due to competent moderation and a wide choice of sites, you can with any budget to find the best deals from webmasters.

Buying links for a blog through does not differ from building up the link mass in any other system. But before you start buying links, you need to create your own company.

How to do this, we will now explain, and the latest updates in the system allow you to get a personal consultant, so you will not get confused.

After registering with the service, go to the advertiser panel and click on the button to create a new company:

How to buy links on the blog?

In the form that appears, you need to specify all the information on your order. Be careful and try to describe in as much detail as possible how webmasters should place your links:

How to buy links on the blog?

As for prices, focus on detailed reviews, as these are full articles from 2000 characters with the ability to add up to 3 links.

Such publications look most natural, and this is important for promotion. For the guards, you can set the minimum payment, only in order to use social networks and attract traffic from there.

In the same form, you will be asked to select possible sites for link placement:

How to buy links on the blog?

Blogs on level 2 domains, this is the best option, you need it use necessarily. The rest of the site at its discretion, but it is better not to abandon other sites, since even Vkontakte pages may have PR, and the link to them is relatively inexpensive.

The next step adding an advertising company is the indication of the link and anchors:

How to buy links on the blog?

Before you finish launching the advertising company, you still will offer to specify some of the rules of placement. After that, you can go to search for suitable sites, and in a few minutes you will receive the first applications:

How to buy links on the blog?

Webmasters work quickly, so do not be surprised that within an hour you There will be several hundreds or even thousands of offers. How to work, with applications or sending your own proposals, decide for yourself, the result will be one.

How to buy links correctly?

In order not to waste your advertising budget, be sure to consider some rules for increasing link mass via Blogun:

  • check the uniqueness of materials on donors;
  • make sure that they are indexed by search engines;
  • evaluate the level of attendance;
  • try to diversify links, add different URLs and anchors;
  • use the gold list to collect high-quality sites;
  • do not buy links from blogs without puzomerok;
  • use guards only for Ignals;
  • Take bids from different types of sites (for a change).

Buying links through Blogun is the right move for developing your blog, but the main thing is not to rush and correctly evaluate each offer before you buy.

Pay special attention to invitations, they can be accompanied by overstated amounts, therefore, some optimizers generally advise to hide the site from bloggers and send invitations on their own.

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