How to buy bitcoins through Webmoney?

Today, anyone can buy bitcoins and make a profit in the future. Previously, few people believed in the potential of this currency, but today its rate is growing by leaps and bounds.

What are we talking about?

Many have heard about Bitcoin, but few know what kind of currency it is. Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency that is not controlled by anyone. All due to the fact that the emission occurs due to the complex calculations of encrypted blocks of information. After settlement, this currency is released.

Blocks of information are unique, therefore, the more bitcoins are released, the more difficult it is to calculate new ones. It used to be enough to calculate the power of an ordinary home PC. Today, only specialized processors can handle calculating new blocks. We can say that the average user today is not able to "extract" bitcoins.

The number of possible blocks of information will end sooner or later. Roughly speaking, the total BTC can not be more than 21 million, and in 10-15 years the emission will completely stop. This means that it will be impossible to extract new Bitcoins, and this will make them limited and valuable asset .

As already mentioned, a cryptocurrency is decentralized: no bank in the world can release many bitcoins at will (as the US Federal Reserve does). Therefore, in fact, Bitcoin does not threaten inflation.

How to buy bitcoins through Webmoney?

How to buy Bitcoins via Webmoney?

If you do not have your WMID in the Webmoney system, then you need to create it. Registration of difficulties will not cause: everything is standard, only it is necessary to specify reliable data about yourself. It is important. Further, in the Center for certification is required to obtain a formal certificate. To do this, you will need to download a scan of the pages of the passport and TIN.

If the data during account creation coincides with the data provided when filling out the application for a certificate, it will be received within a couple of days.

Now you can download a client, a program for a PC, through which you can access your WMID. In the client, already create a wallet.

They will need 2:

  • R-wallet;
  • X-wallet.

Rubles are stored on the first (WMR). You can replenish the wallet with a credit card. On the second bitcoins are stored (WMX). 1 WMX equals 1 BTC .

Electronic units can be transferred from one wallet to another. Roughly speaking, rubles from your R-wallet can be exchanged for bitcoins. Rubles will be instantly converted at the current exchange rate to WMX and credited to the X-wallet. The reverse operation is performed in the same way.

How to buy bitcoins through Webmoney?

How can I make money?

Investors make money by speculating. Bought at one price - sold at another. The fact is that Bitcoin has been actively going up for 8 years already.

Fact: from the end of March of this year to the beginning of June, the price increased by almost 300%.

No asset shows such dynamics. If the reader of this article would have bought Bitcoins 2 months ago for 100,000 rubles, then today he could sell the currency for 300,000 rubles. Then you could easily withdraw money from Webmoney to your bank card.

Due to the active growth of the Bitcoin rate, investors can earn in a short time. Although there are risks. Many experts over the course of 8 years (since the release of the first cryptocurrencies) have predicted their imminent depreciation. But it just so happened that Bitcoin is obstinately more expensive. For 7 years, the value of the currency has increased 500 times. There were cases when this currency became more expensive by 10-15% per day (!). And it really is a lot. For example, the rates on the term savings deposit today are on average 8-9%, but per year.

Why is bitcoin so actively growing in price? There are several reasons:

  • the currency is decentralized;
  • "mining" becomes more difficult with each day;
  • emission is limited;
  • demand for cryptocurrency is actively growing.

These factors are enough to understand why bitcoin is increasing in price at a frantic pace.

Someone is funny, and someone is sad

In 2010, a young American, Laszlo Khanech, bought 2 pizza for 10,000 BTC. This, as is believed today, was the first in the history of the purchase of real goods for cryptocurrency. Then nobody believed in it: some even abandoned the extraction of bitcoins, although the power of ordinary computers was enough for the emission.

Today, given the current rate, 10,000 BTC can be sold for $ 25,000,000. It seems that Mr. Hanech today is the only person in the world who had lunch for the largest amount.

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