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You can consider this post to be an addition to the Spring Marathon, since you will definitely encounter this problem when you start promoting a partner or your own product through the subscription list.

The situation when subscribers do not want to buy the goods / services offered to them and require more free materials is typical of many Internet entrepreneurs. It is possible that you already had to test it for yourself. To prevent this from happening again in the future, you need to understand some basic things for yourself:

You came into this business to make money

This is the first and most important thought you have to cut yourself On the nose. Yes, you need visitors, you need subscribers, but ultimately you need customers - people who will buy what you offer them.

But what if your subscribers are in no hurry to part with their money? Even when you ask them about it. Unobtrusively. Several times in a row. Moreover, what if they begin to resent? There is only one way out:

You must educate your subscribers

If your subscribers do not buy the goods that you offer them, it means only that you have not taught them that. They are not to blame for the fact that they like freebies and that they don’t want to lay out money for paid products. They are simply not accustomed to this.

Free bonuses will not make you rich

Of course, you need to distribute bonuses. But by and large, only to build a good base of subscribers. Imagine if your local supermarket distributed promotional brochures that listed not those products that can only be bought at this store or bought at a discount, but those that the supermarket distributes to the ball. And so for several weeks in a row.

What would the owner of such a supermarket get in the end? That's right: crowds of lovers of freebies and only units of real buyers. And all because people get used to freebies. Then it is psychologically difficult for them to part with their money.

Probably, this is why supermarkets do not conduct similar advertising campaigns. After all, this behavior of potential buyers is predictable. And your case is no exception. Do not reinvent the wheel and do not fill yourself with extra cones - better see how successful entrepreneurs do and copy their business models.

Highlights of educating subscribers

As soon as a person enters your subscription list, you must immediately let him know that you “cannot distribute everything for free, otherwise you will simply leave the business” and that you "will offer them only the best products in the world."

Yes, and when you throw the bait, do not forget to mention how good you are and that you "have already shared free useful information with subscribers, but this time you want to present the product, which will overshadow all the previous ones, but for which, however, you have to pay money. "

Here, in principle, all the basic (but no less important from it) recommendations on this topic. Successful sales 😉

The post is written based on an article from the Make Money Blogging blog.

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