How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

Many users managed to get acquainted with cryptocurrency. This digital money is now very popular, and due to the active growth of the course, attract the attention of beginners.

Some even managed to figure out how to earn Bitcoin, but have no idea what to do with the coins. The best way to convert them into real money.

How to withdraw Bitcoin to a card or wallet (QIWI, Webmoney, Yandex)? All newbies are interested in this, because in client applications or online wallets, there is no transfer function to payment systems or bank cards.

In the near future, everything will change, but for now you have to use third-party services.

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

How to withdraw Bitcoins directly?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to exchange the cryptocurrency currency for fiat money without the help of special sites. The only option is to use Bitcoin cards with which you can pay in regular stores.

Money will be automatically converted into the right currency, but more on that later.

In order to withdraw crypto money, they must be exchanged for rubles, dollars and other national currencies. Online exchangers and specialized exchanges are suitable for this.

Some recommend using private money changers. The option is working, only guarantees are too difficult to provide.

On this page we will look at all the ways to cash Bitcoin, both with credit cards and through popular payment systems.

Exchange Bitcoin for rubles, dollars, hryvnia

The easiest way to carry out a withdrawal transaction is to use the exchangers. Bitcoin currency is quite popular, so it was added to almost all exchange points.

The main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty in finding a favorable rate, but this problem is solved by the service.

The system monitors the best exchangers, collects reviews on them, checks rates and other data. To find a suitable exchange site, you must select a destination. For example, this could be a Bitcoin withdrawal on a Sberbank card:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

In the "Receive" list, you can also choose any other currency. There are available hryvnia on PrivatBank, dollars on Webmoney, rubles for Kiwi and much more.

In a few seconds the monitoring system processes the request and issues a list of exchangers. They are sorted by the most favorable rate:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

As you can see, the difference in courses between the first and the last site is more than 5,000 rubles. Pay attention to the minimum amount, whether there is enough money in reserve for payment and you can read reviews.

How to withdraw Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex. Money?

Exchangers can even take advantage of the child. They are invited to make transfers in various directions. Before submitting an application, be sure to check which commission is charged.

With the help of the service described above, we found a Bitcoin exchanger for Sberbank, which form it offers us to fill in:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

Nothing complicated, but considering the fact that the operation is carried out through a bank card, must indicate the name and surname of the holder. After entering all the data, the exchanger provides us with the Bitcoin address, it is necessary to transfer funds from your wallet to it:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

What to do next, you should already guess. I use Bitcoin Core, it’s easy and simple to send BTC. Click on the appropriate function, and then enter the recipient (the address that the exchanger issued) and indicate the amount (chosen by us):

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

Now you just have to wait for the Bitcoins to go to the exchanger and he will transfer rubles to the Sberbank card.

When transferring not to cards, but to e-wallets, you also need to use exchangers, only the forms will be simpler, you are unlikely to be asked for the name and surname:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

In the example, the output of Bitcoin to Kiwi, similarly, it is carried out on Yandex. Money. If you use other electronic currencies, choose them, it can be Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, W1 and so on.

Withdrawal of Bitcoin through Webmoney

Only in the WebMoney payment system, users can create an account under BTC. Bitcoins will be stored on the balance sheet, just like dollars or rubles.

At any time you can exchange title characters between you, right in your wallet. What you need to do to open an account:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

First, go to the creation of a new wallet. The WMX currency has been added under Bitcoins, and 1 unit is 0. 001 BTC. In the next step, select the appropriate account type and write any name:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

Immediately after this, a new account number appears in the list of wallets. Only it starts with X, so you cannot receive money for it (except for internal Webmoney transfers):

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

To bind the Bitcoin address to it, you need to use a special service from WebMoney.

Login with your WMID, then go to the Operations section. Deposit and click on the "get" link in the address column for the deposit. After that, the Bitcoin address appears, to which you can send BTC:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

This address can be indicated on sites for earning Bitcoins, on exchanges, exchanges, and so on. For all those who have long used the Webmoney payment system, this method will definitely be interesting.

Cryptocurrency exchanges - the best way to withdraw Bitcoins from the wallet

Exchanges were created specifically for exchanging Bitcoin and its analogs. Each registered user receives at once several accounts for different crypto and fiat money.

Suppose you have earned bitcoins on some site. What's next? We go to the exchange (in our case it is) and go to the section with wallets:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

First you need to transfer your BTC to the exchange. To do this, opposite the cryptocurrency, you must click on the plus. As in the case of exchangers, a unique Bitcoin address is issued, to which you can transfer an arbitrary amount:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

As soon as BTC appears on the balance sheet (this may take several days), go to trade. On exchanges, users exchange digital money. You can choose one of the orders or create your own.

So here are the exchange orders. For example, we chose a BTC / RUR pair to withdraw rubles:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

There are always a lot of offers on stock exchanges, and orders with small amounts are quickly processed. When rubles appear on the balance sheet, it is necessary to switch to the wallet again in order to select the withdrawal function:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

The withdrawal methods differ on all exchanges. In our case, they offer to bring Bitcoins to QIWI, Payeer, VISA or MasterCard, Webmoney, phone number, Yandex. Money. Regarding the commissions, you will see everything on the image:

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

Fill out the form and request a conclusion, what could be simpler? Professionals use only exchanges for the withdrawal of Bitcoin, because here the fees are lower.

In addition to this exchange, you can also conduct transactions through or. The design on them is somewhat different, but the actions are exactly the same.

A plastic Bitcoin card, why bother to use the withdrawal?

Some companies offering to open their virtual Bitcoin wallets have already started to issue plastic cards.

They are no different from ordinary bank cards, they can also be inserted into an ATM to withdraw cash or pay in stores, cafes, and car services.

How to bring Bitcoin to Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex

The most popular online wallet with card issue. You can transfer any number of Bitcoins to your virtual account and they will be available on the map (the account is integrated).

This company has been operating since 2013, and setting up a card for rubles is already available for Russian users.

Users undergo mandatory verification, the card price is $ 20, annual maintenance is $ 12, the maximum withdrawal is $ 200 per day.

Unfortunately, there is no Russian language on this site, and users find some flaws (including limits). Therefore, we decided to present several more services, also offering plastic cards for Bitcoin withdrawal:

  1. - delivery of cards all over the world, international service since 2015. For convenient account management, a mobile application is available. There are many different currencies available, there is a Russian version of the site. The card will cost $ 17, but you can withdraw money without identification, although in this case limits are set (withdrawals up to $ 1000, the maximum amount on the balance is $ 2,000. The commission for withdrawing bitcoins is $ 2. 5.
  2. - with a card from this company, Bitcoin is available for withdrawal anywhere in the world.For active use, bonus points are added, but this is not the most important thing.You can order up to 5 cards, rubles are available in the list of connected currencies.Only, only registered cards are available, for withdrawal cash takes almost $ 5 (after verification almost $ 4).
  3. - VISA type card, by this is accepted everywhere, and Bitcoin withdrawal is available at any ATM. In addition to BTC, you can pay for the card in dollars, pounds and euros, virtual and plastic cards are offered. Delivery is free, and the card price is $ 15. Unfortunately, their website is only in English , only a VISA card is available, and a monthly fee of $ 1 (pound, euro). The commission for withdrawing Bitcoin is $ 2.5.
  4. - cooperates with Dwolla, VISA and Coinbase. In the market, the company is positioning itself as the creators of the first debit card under Bitcoin. Through a simple mobile application, you receive alerts about operations, converting to fiat money without commission, issuing a card of $ 10. While the cards are only available to American users, it is allowed to withdraw up to $ 1000 per day without identification.
  5. - in comparison with competitors, the company is young. However, it has clear advantages.Without verification, it is available for removal up to $ 3000 per day ($ 750 at a time). A maximum of $ 25,000 can be stored on the balance, and the card costs only $ 9. 95. US residents have much more opportunities and higher limits. Fiat money transfer is available only in dollars.
  6. - this company offers an online Bitcoin wallet, exchanger, convenient transfers and card issue. The site is Russified, VISA and MasterCard cards. Through this card, you can cash out other cryptocurrencies (Monero, Ethereum, Zcash, etc.). The card costs $ 9, there is no commission for replenishment, delivery is free. Many people use this service, only as a cryptocurrency exchange.

From whom to order a card, decide for yourself, in any case, this will be the most convenient and fast withdrawal of Bitcoin.

You no longer have to send anything to bank cards; funds in BTC will be automatically transferred to selected national currencies when you use the card.

Now you know how to withdraw bitcoins from a wallet to a map or in other directions. You can even order a plastic card and feel the maximum comfort from the use of digital money. Decide what is more convenient for you, there are no problems with Bitcoin now.

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