How to break through Email? Email Hacking Case

Scammers on the Internet have already come up with a huge number of ways to cheat, as well as access to user information.

Today, users' computers are hacked in various ways, but the most common case is hacking through emails sent.

How do they break through Email? When we talked about the most high-profile Internet crimes, you should have noticed that most of them were conducted via e-mail. The attackers at the expense of such letters deceived not only ordinary users, but also hacked into banking systems with a high level of security.

How to break through Email? Email Hacking Case

Scammers and Email

As a rule, scammers include additional files or links in emails. Some even manage to add a malicious script to the email, but a good browser and antivirus program quickly determine this.

If you received a letter, then do not rush to open files or follow links, even if you are strongly persuaded to do so. It is possible that someone of your friends will be able to hack and send you malicious emails from his mailbox, so be vigilant.

How to break through Email? Email Hacking Case

Real case of hacking via Email

In 2014, a case of hacking was already noted by e-mail. We will not represent the name of the deceived company, which suffered serious losses. After some contracts, the company’s accountant received a letter notifying that one of the transactions failed and allegedly one of the partners is requesting a refund.

Among the contacts of the partner was a link to his website, and when an employee of the company went through it, the attackers got access to the information necessary for them.

What was not difficult to guess in the future, the scammers took advantage of the data obtained and in a cunning way assumed a tidy sum. Who is to blame? Of course, an accountant who had to expect a dirty trick and take precautions, especially since the computer was working.

Now you can’t do without e-mail, so be extremely careful when using it. If you are actively using electronic money, this can already attract the attention of fraudsters, therefore, earning online, each user becomes a potential victim.

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