How to bid on Taxi Dice?

Fans of the investment game Taxi Money do not cease to please the developers.

They constantly come up with something new and not only add features, but also create different projects. So, the Enclave game has recently appeared, but they decided to continue to create something new and came up with another game.

The game is a new project from Taxi Money, with which you can increase all funds on the balance of the main game.

You have rubles in the passenger account or in the account for purchases, you can risk everything and win many times more. But to take serious risks or receive small winnings is up to you.

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

How does Taxi Dice work?

Even a newbie will quickly figure out the interface of a new project. It is created by a partner, but fully integrated with Taxi Mani.

To try your luck, you first need to replenish the balance, and this can be done from the account for purchases (then you will play in virtual mode) or from the passenger account and payment systems (then the game will be real):

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

The image shows not all methods of depositing funds. With the help of a new project, users have another chance to earn rubles in a passenger account. To do this, you need to deposit funds into a real account and place bets.

All that you win, transfer to the passenger account:

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

Who knows, maybe you will invest 1 ruble and play just one bet, having received 60,000 credits, which are easily transferred to the passenger account, and this will give the opportunity to withdraw the same amount.

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

With the completion and conclusion we figured out, now it’s worth explaining how the rates are generally made. To become a winner, you must specify the number and roll the dice.

The random number generator will generate a value; it must be less than the number you select. After depositing funds, you will see the following form:

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

You set the winning percentage or the number yourself. See, in this example, 32768 is selected, which allows you to use a 50% chance of winning. If you win, the bet is multiplied by almost 2, and decide how much you bet.

The maximum coefficient is 64290 , but for this you have to choose the number 1, and the percentage in this case is also equal to one.

There is a clever way to try to break the bank. For this, automatic bets will come in handy. Choose the number 1 and enter the minimum bet size:

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

If the dice fall in your favor at least once, you get a huge amount of credits and easily pay back the expenses:

How to bid on Taxi Dice?

As you can see, such wins are quite possible and even if you are lucky only 50,001 times, you still remain in the black. It is worth trying, all of a sudden you are the lucky one who will hit the jackpot.

Many Taxi Money players are already full of accounts, so the new Taxi Dice betting system has been created quite by the way. Make at least a couple of bets, if you don’t understand how it works, everything is easy.

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