How to bet on handball?

Handball betting is not so popular in Russia, as this sport does not have a huge audience of fans.

However, a lot of competitions are held on it, so betters should consider it as an option for betting . In Europe, more attention is paid to it, and geographical boundaries do not matter in the network.

Online handball bets began long ago. The sport itself appeared in Germany in the 19th century.

The Germans combined two popular sports, Koningsbergball and Raffball. Soon the game took root in Denmark (then the kingdom). Danes have found an alternative to football, playing in the winter with their hands. From here came the name (hand ball).

How to bet on handball?

Theory of betting on handball

Only in 1898 did this sport become official. In the same year, girls began to play it. He was even taught in physical education classes in one of the Danish schools. According to the rules, two teams of 7 people each played. The size of the gate was 3 by 2 meters, it was necessary to score balls with them only with your hands.

Today it is a sport known all over the world, in which many competitions are held. Of the most popular handball tournaments stand out:

  • EHF Cup Winners Cup;
  • EHF Champions League;
  • Olympic Games;
  • European Championship;
  • World Championship;
  • National Championships.

Compared to many other sports, many events are always available on Handball. The game is becoming more popular, so they offer to open bets on it, almost all bookmakers.

Where to bid on gadbol?

Recently, the number of available offices on the Internet has been greatly reduced. They are recorded in the register and it is impossible to use them from Russia. The bookmaker business has not disappeared, it is legalized. There are companies that work officially.

One of them is, where all beginners will receive a welcome bonus:

How to bet on handball?

Place your first bet on handball for free. A wide line is available on the official website of this bookmaker, competitions are held between beginners, youth teams and professionals:

How to bet on handball?

In addition to the usual types of bets to win one of the teams, several types of bets are offered. They are available when you click the arrow in the last column:

How to bet on handball?

By selecting the odds for different outcomes of the games, the coupon is filled in and immediately after entering the amount, the bet opens:

How to bet on handball?

This is not the only permitted BC in the Russian Federation. There is also. Cappers on handball bets are held exactly in them, since other offices are not allowed to use.

Register on all sites to select the most profitable factors after making a forecast. From these sites you get 100% winnings.

Handball betting strategy

For frequent wins on bets with any sport, you need to act correctly. A clear strategy for betting on handball helps professionals not just to have fun, but to make money.

But even applying well-thought-out techniques, you need to keep track of the statistics, engage in analysis, seek the opinion of professionals, track sports news, and be confident that the team is ready for the game.

There is one interesting strategy for betting on handball, built on regularities. In this sport, teams scoring 8–10 goals in the first half actively add in the second half and easily achieve a result of 13–20 goals.

To use the strategy, you need to open bets in the Live mode. The coefficients help to understand who the match is an outsider.

Here they are very different:

How to bet on handball?

Without professional skills, it is clear who will score more often in these games. Selecting matches, you must wait for the live mode and watch the game. If everything goes according to the classical scheme and the favorite scores about 10 points in the first half, you can safely open the total for the second half .

Sometimes bookmakers do not allow such bets to be made, as this is an obvious result. Wait a few minutes, if the outsider does something, the total may appear. In other cases, just wait for the next game.

Another interesting variant of using BC for earnings is the snooker bet.

No matter how confident you are as a result of a handball match, always make predictions. Gain knowledge, conquer and pope in handball betting.

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