How to bet on a draw?

Football betting can provide you with a good profit if you learn how to make predictions.

Modern bookmakers offer to bet on different outcomes of the game, but it's better to use the main ones - win, lose or draw. The last option is to talk separately.

A bet on a draw, how to win? For ardent fans, a draw is the worst result, since it is not clear which team is stronger.

For those who make money on a BC, there is no difference, but you need to correctly calculate everything, before you bet on a draw. The coefficient is always good, so some strategies are built precisely on a draw.

How to bet on a draw?

Put on a draw and win!

Without thorough checks, analysis, studying statistics and reading the news, you can hardly guess which game will end in a draw.

The best option for prompts is a website. There are published forecasts from different people, and also provides a lot of useful information, including statistics.

To limit the range of games in question, it is necessary to use such competitions, in which most often there are draws.

According to statistics, these are:

  • 1 and 2 leagues in France;
  • B and C1 series in Italy;
  • 1st and 2nd division of Argentina;
  • 1st and 2nd league of England;
  • premier league in Russia and Ukraine;
  • 2nd division in Portugal and Spain;
  • Venezuela Premier League.

With the Forecast site, you will receive detailed statistics on the games of all teams. It is enough to choose a country and a league, after which you can see the results of all tournament participants' games:

How to bet on a draw?

Evaluate the statistics of which teams end the game in a draw more often and think how high the probability of such a result is.

Consider, if an outsider plays in his field, then the chances of a draw are much greater. It often happens that an obvious favorite plays a draw with an opponent in order not to experience a heavy load before a responsible game.

Recently, virtual football bets have appeared, where teams are modeled based on real teams and online broadcasts are conducted.

In general, there are many different subtleties that can affect the outcome of a match. Even injuries from a favorite should be regarded as one of the main factors.

How to bet on a draw correctly?

In order not to increase risks, try to single out 20 matches in which there is an increased likelihood of a draw. After that, divide the start-up capital into 10 equal parts and open 10 express trains, so that each of them has 2 games.

For example, you have $ 100, which means you need to bet $ 10 per 10 express trains:

How to bet on a draw?

Look at this example , here are 3 express trains, in each of them 2 matches are selected and the bets are made for a draw.

Take a look at the possible gain, in any case it exceeds $ 100, and it is with this starting capital that we started. Now, in order to get your money back, at least one express must be played.

It is necessary to open sports betting only in verified BCs, one of them is


The probability that at least one express will play is quite high, because you first carried out the analysis.

And imagine that out of 10 will be 2 or 3 bets? Net profit will be $ 100-200 and this is not the limit, because it can play and 5 rates. I couldn’t win more than 5 bets with this strategy, but it also brought good profits.

You can check this technique of betting on a draw with small bets. It really works, the main thing is to learn how to find matches in which there is a high probability of completion by this result.

If for some reason this method for betting does not suit you, use the Value Betting strategy based on the mathematical expectation.

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