How to become a YouTube star? What videos to add to the channel?

Video hosting continues to break records on video views, and with this, more and more people are starting to use it to make money.

Having opened your channel, you can actively fill it with videos and collect views using different ways to monetize the channel on YouTube.

The more popular the channel, the more money it brings to its owner. Many people wonder how to become a YouTube star, but this is a serious goal to which you will have to go gradually.

First you need to fill the channel with several videos and attract subscribers to the YouTube channel. The most important thing is not to publish junk content, but to upload good videos.

How to become a YouTube star? What videos to add to the channel?

Which videos to add to the YouTube channel?

If you intend to promote your channel, learn some useful recommendations:

  1. Interesting videos. People come to the video hosting for a reason, and to watch interesting videos. Therefore, you need to try to publish only those records that will be of interest to the target audience. Focus not on the quantity, but on the quality of the added rollers.
  2. Informative and concise. Each video must bear some information load (except for entertaining videos). Useful instructions, visual explanations, reviews, all this information will attract the attention of viewers. As for brevity, then you need to talk only on the case. Statistics show that too long videos are not very popular.
  3. The specific purpose of the video. Any content should have a specific goal. Why do you record a video and do you need it to the audience? This is worth thinking about in advance. When the goal is clearly established, it is much easier to think about the content of the video.

    The popularity of the video and its place in the issue depends on the number of views, so be sure to read How to get a lot of views on YouTube.

  4. Motivation for action. If you publish a video and expect the viewer to perform an action, focus his attention on this. Subscription, Like, following the link, reading the description of the video - all this should be reported in the video, directly and clearly.
  5. Fashion trends. The majority of YouTube viewers are modern people, well versed in trends. Before recording any video, look for up-to-date information; it is quite possible that no one needs the added or recorded content and has lost its relevance.
  6. Create a token. Video bloggers are simply obliged to invent something that other channel owners do not have. What exactly you decide to do, decide for yourself, it can be interesting podcasts, distribution of bonuses, competitions and much more.
  7. Be yourself. By studying various materials like this, you are learning the standard rules, but they can and even need to be broken. Expressing yourself is not like everything and doing everything original, you increase your chances for a quick set of popularity.

How to become a YouTube star? What videos to add to the channel?

Novice video bloggers have a single goal when opening a channel - making money.

At the start, it is better to change the course and try to create a high-quality and interesting channel without thinking about income. And when it becomes popular, income will appear on its own. In conclusion, we advise you some tips on making money on YouTube.

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