How to become a webmaster? | Workion. ru

To turn the Internet into a source of good income, you will need to study at least one profession.

Copywriters, optimizers and webmasters are not taught in universities, so you have to independently search for all the necessary information and educate yourself. Someone may find it too complicated, but many have already gone through this.

In most cases, users want to become webmasters, which is not surprising, because the owners of large sites receive decent money from their projects. But newbies often confuse webmasters and believe that by creating a couple of WordPress sites, they become webmasters.

How to become a webmaster? | Workion. ru

Profession webmaster

How to become a webmaster? To do this, you will have to learn, practice and gain new knowledge. A competent webmaster is not just an active site administrator, but a person who understands HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other website building technologies. The path to the professional level will be long and difficult, but if there is a desire, everything will work out.

Apart from the fact that the webmaster must have a good understanding of site building technologies, he needs to have the skills of a copywriter, optimizer and designer. The fact is that the development of the site consists not only of writing code and layout.

In order for the site to be of high quality, it will have to be filled with information, beautifully decorated and engaged in promotion. Of course, you can create a team or use the services of freelancers, but it is not profitable.

How to become a webmaster? | Workion. ru

In the Workion blog. ru is a special section for webmasters, where we constantly publish useful information for both beginners and experienced site owners. In addition to our section, we advise you to read a few books for webmasters:

  • Object-Oriented Programming for PHP 5 (by Lovain);
  • PHP in the examples (by Stephen Holzner);
  • Web Design by Steve Krug;
  • HTML, XHTML and CSS (by Stephen Schafer);
  • Smart Design (by Jeff Johnson);
  • Search Engine Optimization (by Ivan Sevostyanov);
  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (by Jennifer Niederst Robbins);
  • Web Analyst 2. 0 in practice (by Avinash Koshik).

Most of these books can be found on Ozon and do not spare money on their purchase (if they are paid). Without reliable information, expressed in a language understandable for beginners, you simply cannot become a webmaster. We also recommend visiting the best SEO forums, where various topics related to website optimization and promotion are often discussed.

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