How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?

Many people try to combine their favorite business and work, but only a few succeed. For many PC users, games are a hobby, and with their help you can get paid.

It is enough to create game incentives to earn money and figure out what is required for this. This article has complete information for the beginner.

How to become a streamer? First you need to figure out who is such a streamer. This is the person who broadcasts the game.

Like a television channel, he starts the game and just passes the levels, or plays on the map, demonstrating his skills, commenting or explaining something. At first glance, the work is simple, but gathering spectators is not easy.

How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?

What does a streamer need?

In order to do streaming, you will not only have to have a great desire.

Here is a brief list of all that is useful in this business:

  1. A powerful computer, so that not only modern games run, but you can also start broadcasting in high resolution.
  2. Fast internet is also required for high-speed data transfer.
  3. A microphone is needed for voice acting, if you do not insert comments, it is unlikely that anyone will be interested in following the game.
  4. Special software that helps launch translations from a computer.
  5. Good diction plus a creative approach, otherwise you can't beat the competition.
  6. Free time is spent in huge amounts, because viewers can enter the channel at any time. Some streamers even play alternately to broadcast around the clock.

As you can see, is a little bit required in order to become a streamer. You can not even try to start the broadcast, if not able to talk interestingly during the game or if your computer (Internet) does not allow to broadcast in high resolution. There are hardly any fans.

Where can I stream?

When live broadcasts were added to YouTube, it was possible to show the gameplay even through this video hosting service. But there are not so many viewers from it, therefore it is better to use special services:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

There is no most popular streaming service on this list. Most of all fans to look at games of other users are on. Also here is the highest competition.

How to start streaming on Twitch?

Naturally, you must be registered in this service, and you must also have games installed. To run a broadcast from a computer, use the Open Broadcaster Software program (download to).

Using this software is not difficult, but we have compiled instructions for beginners:

  1. Run the utility and go to the settings:
  2. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  3. In the general settings, enter the name of your profile:
  4. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  5. Then go to the "Broadcast" settings, where you need to select Live and from the list of broadcast services, select Twitch. Choose any server:
  6. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  7. Here you must enter the key in the settings. Follow this link, click on Dashboards and then on the "Show key" button, copy it and paste it into the program settings:
  8. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  9. The program is configured, now you need to click on the "Sources" area and add a game:
  10. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  11. At this time, the game should already be running, since only running applications are displayed in the drop-down list. Choose a game:
  12. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  13. Now you can start the broadcast by clicking a special button:
  14. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?
  15. After starting the broadcast, go to your the channel where you will see your game:
  16. How to become a streamer? Where can I stream?

If you start the broadcast when the game is minimized to the window, it will also be shown on the channel. To broadcast was carried out from full screen, you must deploy the game.

Not all computers will be able to broadcast the recording. There is an alternative option - this is earnings on games and YouTube, where you need to create a channel and upload finished videos there.

Streaming is gradually gaining momentum, and fans of various games and those who like to broadcast certain streamers are ready to watch the screen for hours. Try to run your channels, even if it does not turn out to be profitable for you, it is interesting.

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