How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

Freelance is one of the activities of remote workers, which attracts the attention of a growing audience of Internet users.

Possessing various skills, such as competently creating images in Photoshop, everyone can start their careers by doing the work to order or selling your materials.

Today, quite a lot of people work in the field of freelancing, but not all of them are able to achieve success, as well as many orders. Why is this happening? Because there are too many people who want to earn money, and newcomers are actively dumping, which significantly affects the choice of employers.

How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

How can a freelancer succeed?

You need to stand out from the "gray" mass and get a certain popularity. There are many performers, and it is becoming more and more difficult to bypass competitors every year.

Many of my acquaintances who have been freelancing for a long time practically don’t go to the exchanges to search for orders, since they have already created their client base, and on the advice of the people they work with, they manage to receive many orders . How to become a popular freelancer?

  1. The most important thing is the quality performance of your work. By tracking every subtlety and bringing your work to perfection, you can attract the attention of employers, and your activity will be accompanied by a high probability that you will be contacted again.

    Finding a competent freelancer can be very difficult, especially since many employers are concerned about the honesty of transactions and the performance of work on time, therefore, you should prove yourself from the positive side.

  2. On freelance exchanges, popular forums, and other services, various promotions and contests are held regularly. Participation in these competitions, mostly free, but winning them will allow you to achieve some popularity.
  3. To find a lot of friends who will further recommend you to potential clients, use the communication services. On exchanges, forums, etc., actively communicate with other users, and systematically monitor job offers, competently presenting your candidacy as a performer.
  4. Open your own YouTube channel or create a blog. Post your project development process, tips, share experiences, post reviews, portfolios, and so on. Your own site will not only be an excellent advertisement, but also be able to generate income.
  5. It is necessary to develop in several niches at once, so try to develop and provide more and more customer services. Let your nickname know those who buy articles, order promotion, optimization, banners and more.
  6. From the start, popularity will be hard to build up, so dumping should be used. Perform work at the proper level and offer the lowest prices. To save money, customers will turn to you, and when you unwind the name, raise prices (as many large companies do).
  7. Absolutely grab all orders that you find on exchanges. Let them even ask you to draw a banner, but you do not know how, the main thing is to agree on a good payment. Pay the money to another freelancer, keep some of it for yourself (although you can make a deal just for promotion and feedback).
  8. If you use a service to search for orders, and this service supports feedback functionality, be sure to ask satisfied customers to provide feedback on your work. The presence of positive feedback will inspire confidence in you, and this will necessarily affect the number of orders.
  9. In some cases, in order to "stand out", freelancers develop their own working style. Create logos, use certain technologies, software and more. If you can tell a little more about yourself than other employees and you will be able to present undeniable advantages, then consider that you have managed to draw attention to yourself.
  10. Create an effective portfolio in which you need to collect only the best work. The presence of a portfolio is a mandatory criterion for freelancers, but the interest shown by customers depends on how well it will be created.

How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

It is definitely possible to achieve success in freelancing, and statistics from freelance exchanges can be proof of this. If you want to become a successful employee of the Internet, try to stand out in any way possible, and a heightened interest in your work will help you grow.

A good exchange is the key to success

It is unlikely that you will become a popular freelancer if you do not use the most well-known freelance exchanges. Only where there is a large audience of potential customers, you can effectively unwind.

It’s not long to search for such exchanges, use.

Orders and vacancies appear there every day:

How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

Work in bulk, the administration of the system monitors fairness. In addition, a portfolio can be placed on the stock exchange. If you get into the TOP, customers will find you. Want to take a step further? Then go to the world level.

Recently, we talked about earnings on the Upwork freelance market. There is no Russian language there, but in terms of the number of orders, the project cannot be compared to any other exchange:

How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

With the help of the built-in browser translator, you can figure out exactly what needs to be done. Without knowledge of English, nothing will work out for sure.

And if you are a novice freelancer, try using the exchange, where any order made brings 400 rubles each. This system is called:

How to become a popular freelancer and where to work?

Prices are more, but the system takes 100 rubles from each order. It is easy to work here, and after registration it is advisable to add several services at once.

Think about what you could offer for 400 rubles? Maybe it is the development of avatars, banners or placing 50 ads on the boards.

Becoming a freelancer is easy, but achieving success and popularity is not easy. Having gained fame, you can count on regular orders and gradually raise prices. The main thing is not to be lazy, constantly claiming about yourself and promoting your name.

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