How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

You can start making money online in various ways, and the most interesting option is to play economic games.

Workion readers already know about projects like



, but these are too simple games. If you are ready to play a full-fledged strategy for earnings, use the Age of Clones.

This game has been running since 2007 and has a solid reputation. We already told how to play in the Epoch of the Clones, and also answered the frequent questions of newcomers.

In order to get some good deductions, you need to set specific goals for yourself, and in the case of this game, beginners should strive for the status of a craftsman.

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

How to quickly start earning in the Age of Clones?

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones? For this you need to get certain skills. This can be done in a public school, and the payment for each knowledge is 1 gold . Why get this status at all? It opens up the following opportunities:

  • participation in an affiliate program;
  • you can become a lumberjack;
  • become a stonecutter;
  • get a job as a brigadier in a mine;
  • to become a sailor and get a job in the port;
  • to work as a smolovar;
  • to become a nurse in a hospital;
  • to take the position of surgeon.

There are many other advantages, but the most important thing is that you can get a more lucrative job.

To become an artisan, you need to learn the following skills:

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

All these skills are available for study at school. You will need to pay for training, and wait for 3 days until it is completed:

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

As you can see, the cost of training is 1 gold, and you need to study 5 formations, so you need 5 coins.

Where can I get gold for artisan status?

There are several ways to get this amount of gold quickly. We have identified 3 main options:

1. Top up the balance.
The fastest way is to deposit money into your balance. You can add money to the game through special exchangers or bankers. For 1 clonero you pay about 80 rubles, and you can buy gold on the stock exchange at a price of 0. 81 clonero. When you make money into the game, you’ll go to school and learn the necessary skills.

2. Earn in the game.
After registering, you get a clone and with it, you can earn gold. There are not so many options for work, but you can start without investments. For example, you can carry out instructions from employers (weed the bed, clean the floor, water the bed, etc.). Every hour you can go to work, it brings 0. 0001 gold.

Every day, when you go to the bunkhouse, you will receive 0. 01 gold. As soon as you accumulate 0. 2 gold, buy a caftan and go to work for the enterprise. For 30 days of action caftan you get 30 experience points. Spend them learning the knowledge of the butcher and the builder. The butcher can perform tasks every 15 minutes, and the builder can take on more profitable work.

An additional way of earning a farm laborer is growing flowers. Without investments you can get a dugout and seeds. There are several types of flowers, the ripening period is different, as well as the cost of sale.

3. Earn at Gamer. cash.
The following method to receive 5 gold will require the use of a third-party service. On the site you can earn some money by passing levels in games, registering on sites and downloading mobile apps:

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

When you collect 12 rits (local currency), you can order a payment in your account on the Age of Clones. In the output section you will find the icon for this game:

How to become a craftsman in the Age of Clones and start earning?

At the moment, the exchange rate for this game is 100 rychiki = 0. 1667 units. currency . Pay for jobs in different ways. Tasks with the passage of games can bring you and 500 riches.

Whichever of these methods you use, you will certainly succeed in obtaining the status of an artisan. The most important thing is to use your capabilities wisely.

Got status? Set a new goal - to become a peasant, a tradesman, a merchant, and so on. The game brings serious money only to those who are actively playing and developing in it.


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