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Ignorance of the measure in affixing internal links is what sites can cater to under search engine filters. Such a punishment may threaten mainly Internet resources on which automatic linking codes are placed (for example, the phrase auto-replacement of a link, random entry of necessary anchors). Links that are placed carelessly and do not carry benefits for the visitor - this is already an alarming bell for the PS. But what constitutes a good internal link:

  • clearly stands out among other text;
  • click on it actively;
  • is placed on the relevant page;
  • not duplicated on the same page;
  • posted with a unique anchor;
  • is non-commercial.

As you can see, sanctions for re-spamming internal linking can be obtained even if you manually add links (not to mention the automatic installation, which in most cases looks crooked and rarely checked by webmasters).

It is worth noting, however, that even if there are spam links on the site, it can stay in TOP for many requests for years. However, this is not always the case and only provided that the rest of the site meets other requirements of a quality resource.

You have probably heard that it is possible to raise positions on low frequencies only at the expense of one internal linking. And this is partly true, but some optimizers overdo it with linking, and the latter are beginning to have the opposite effect. We will discuss further how to link pages with benefit for the site. And, although this method is not as fast as automatic re-linking, it has a long and stable effect.

We link pages correctly

The first stage is cleaning. Before starting to link, you should find out the weights of all pages. If non-browsing pages have more weight than those that are planned to be raised in the issue, then links from them should be removed. To determine the weight of each page will help the paid program Page Weight. At the moment, its cost is 1500 rubles.

When doing "cleaning", do not forget that links that are closed from indexing transfer weight no worse than open links, so they should also be removed. Pay attention to duplicate links: they are also undesirable to leave, as they steal the weight and indicate spam. A striking example is the site header, where there is a clickable logo and the same resource name, and both of these elements lead to the main page.

The second stage is putting links. We have pages that we plan to promote on any request. It means that it is necessary to find on our website the relevant pages on which we will place the links. How to do it?

  1. Go to Yandex search engines, Google, and write in them a query like "site: profithunter. Ru internal linking".
  2. In the output, the relevant pages will appear, on which we will make links.

How to place links without spam

The main principles are caution and naturalness. Links should not interfere with the perception of the content of the pages. On the contrary, they should help the user to understand the essence of the article, to complement it. The number of links on the page depends on the length of the text, so there is no individual recipe. However, if they appear through a sentence or a word, this will certainly be regarded as spam. On average, the page should not be placed more than 3-5 links.

The next question is how many links should lead to the page being promoted. It all depends on the number of relevant pages, as well as being promoted and indexed. If the site is large, put 5-10 links to each landing page and see if there will be an effect.

Links are best inserted into the main text and made them un-through. If possible, make different anchors: dilute them, change the word form, use bezankornye links.

Thus, gradually your internal linking will acquire a more "humane" look. The benefits of such work is obvious: the links will go, as they become relevant to the surrounding content. As a result, behavioral factors will improve due to the number of pages visited and the total time spent on the site.

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