How to avoid becoming a victim of scam brokers?

Profitable niches on the Internet constantly attract unscrupulous people who want to cash in on newbies.

Binary options, and Forex trading is generally no exception. Almost every day, sites appear in the network, supposedly serious brokers, but as it turns out, these companies are not even registered.

Inattentive people register on such sites, replenish their account and even begin to trade, but only when it comes to withdrawal of funds, they realize that they have been deceived.

Such cases happen all the time, so many are wondering how to get money back from a fraud broker?

How to avoid becoming a victim of scam brokers?

Is it possible to return money from a brokerage account companies?

According to statistics, only a few managed to achieve the truth and get brokers to return everything that was entered into their project.

In most cases, these are large firms that for a number of reasons refuse to carry out withdrawals. If it was a fraudulent company, then the money is unlikely to be returned, because the culprit simply will not find.

If the broker refuses to pay you money, you can safely go to court. To do everything right, it is better to contact lawyers and attorneys.

They will carefully study the rules of the broker, which you should have read before you made a deposit. Sometimes it is clearly stated that the withdrawal will be denied, for certain reasons.

It will be problematic to return the money, only a professional can assess the situation and will tell you whether to try at all.

As practice shows, most lawyers try not to get involved in Internet fraud cases, since this is too difficult and judicial practice in Russia (in this area) is not yet developed.

In any case, it is not worth it to fraudsters to leave money and you need to do at least something. At a minimum, you can write negative reviews to ruin the reputation of a broker.

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How to avoid becoming a victim of scam brokers?

How not to become a victim of fraudsters brokers?

The fact that someone calls himself a stable, high-quality and solid broker is not is a reason for trust. Fraudsters will write about themselves even better than real companies, just to lure as many people as possible.

If you want to make sure that you are at the site of a broker you can trust, use the following tips:

  • carefully read all the documentation and read the rules;
  • make sure that the broker’s activity is regulated by real organizations;
  • communicate with technical support (it most often does not work for fraudsters);
  • see the terms and conditions of payments;
  • read reviews about the brokerage company.

These are the main methods of checking fraudulent brokers, although due to false information, you can still fall for it.

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There are many scammers on the Internet and they are constantly in search of victims. Be careful and do not fall for tempting offers, stay realistic. Even if they give you $ 1, it is better to check everything first, because it can be a bait.

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