How to attract referrals to Goldenbirds?

All games on the Internet, which are created on the basis of pyramids and require cash deposits, have either pitfalls or a minimum period of existence.

For certain you have already heard about the game

in which you can buy birds, collect their eggs, sell and withdraw money.

This project has existed for a long time, money really can be withdrawn and worried about them. But there is only one “But”, about which many are silent. To withdraw money from the system, you need to attract referrals.

Many newbies don’t know about it, invest money and then don’t get an opportunity to withdraw them to an electronic wallet.

How to attract referrals to Goldenbirds?

Where can I get Goldenbirds referrals?

In this article we will explain you how to attract referrals to Goldenbirds without creating your own website. Although the option of running your resource is the best and you should think about it.

The easiest option to attract referrals to the game is to use the forums. It is enough to register on them and create topics where you describe the essence of the project in detail (otherwise the moderators will delete the topic) and install your affiliate link.

The most important thing is to use the forums with the appropriate topics:

To make sure that moderators do not like you, make For each forum, separate and unique articles.

Referrals from Wmmail

The Wmmail system gets a lot of attendance every day, and its target audience is newcomers.

How to attract referrals to Goldenbirds?

How to attract referrals to Goldenbirds?

These are exactly the referrals you need to invite to Goldenbirds, and this can be done in different ways:

  • write about the project in the gazebo (marked with advertising);
  • create an entry describing the project in the diary;
  • start the newsletter;
  • create a task.

Even if you have to spend a little money on the use of markups with this service, the costs will quickly pay off. For example, a mailing list for 1000 users can be ordered for just $ 3.

As an option, you can contact the site owners about earnings, with a proposal to place a quality article with your affiliate link. Naturally, it will have to pay extra. The option is not the best, because there are high risks that they will throw you.

Use all available methods to attract referrals to Goldenbirds. At the expense of forums and markups on Wmmail, you just dial your first referrals, and then you will be engaged in the development of the network much easier.

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