How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

Serious money can be earned through affiliate programs without running your own projects. You recruit people to your team on large and high-quality websites, you get interest from the money spent or earned by them.

We will show a little below what real results can be achieved, but creating a website is not necessary.

Referrals Vkontakte or how to dial a team from VK? Social networks receive a billionth attendance , people from all over the world come to them and they can be turned into their own referrals.

However, you need to act correctly, otherwise your attempts to place a link somewhere will simply be blocked, and the page will be frozen.

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

What are referrals on Vkontakte?

Social networks are used by many partners. Surely, such characters as “Masha Jobs” or “Vanya Earnings” were added to your friends.

Such pages are full and mainly they are created specifically for the partner business. It is business, because having gained a lot of people, you receive substantial payments.

In the most social. Vkontakte network is not an affiliate program, but it can be used to search for people. Hence the term referrals VK.

This popular resource allows you to post links in comments, post posts, send them by personal message and use other methods.

A referral is a user who registers on the site using your link and enters your network. You become his referrer, get paid for the activity (depending on the type of site). For example, he buys something, and you receive a percentage or a fixed amount for it.

A set of referrals to a Seosprint from Vkontakte

The easiest way to explain how everything is arranged with a specific example. There is a clique sponsor Seosprint, where beginners make money. If you invite someone, then you get a percentage of his earnings (+ interest on the income of those invited by your referrals).

On this site is a 2 level ref. system. Link for the invitation is in the section "Work with referrals":

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

This address must be distributed through a social network. Referrals from VC will be registered, and new entries will appear in the statistics (tab "My referrals"):

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

The statistics show the total income received for referral activity, in this case - it is 30. 1 rubles.

Under the terms of the affiliate program, up to 40% of income is charged, depending on your rating. Small charges come constantly and add up to decent money. Now we’ll show the total income from the affiliate program of Seosprint:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

A blog is used to invite people, but you can also make a team through social networks.

You can get as many referrals from Vkontakte, and when there are a lot of them, money quickly accumulates on the balance. This is a passive type of earnings that requires hard work first.

How to post a Vkontakte referral link (suspicious site)?

In social networks they actively fight spam. Therefore, just like that you cannot leave your affiliate link somewhere. To verify this, a reflex was placed on the Seosprint, after which a page lock immediately followed:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

Naturally, the recording on the wall was immediately deleted. But if she had stayed, no one would have been able to become your referral, because during the transition a stub appears:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

The ideal way to bypass the referral link blocking of Vkontakte and other social networks is create your own website.

After registering a domain, you can make a direct redirect or write advertising texts for each project and use the “white” method to place links. Also there is one trick:

  1. Go to, this is a free website builder from Google. After logging in, click "Create a blog", enter its name and select a domain:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

  1. You do not need to add anything, immediately go to the control panel and select the section "Subject", and then to change the HTML:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

  1. You need to put a special code after the open head tag, which will automatically direct the visitor to another address. It looks like this:

. scripttype = 'text / javascript'. location replace ("ref. link"); . / script.

  1. No knowledge of the programmer is required for this. Just paste the code (if it gives an error, it means the characters have changed when copying or try to paste it in another place) and when you go through the created domain, the affiliate link will open:

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

Now it can be placed anywhere, your new domain is not in the database blocked, the transitions will be counted.

But who knows what will happen in the future, so it’s best to do at least one page on the blog and just add the ref. a link. In this case, the problems just will not arise.

Vkontakte Group to attract referrals

It is better to think in advance about exactly where the link to invite people will be published. For this fit any public, account pages, comments under the records and so on.

But your own playground will be the perfect place. See how to create a Vkontakte group, we have already described in detail all the steps.

Most importantly, not to make an advertising community, but to make a page on interests . Fill the wall with some quotes, publish interesting from the sphere of Internet earnings, important news, your opinion, infographics, thematic humor - there are a lot of ideas, and the group should be lively and interesting.

Add links to the wall gradually so as not to scare people away. At first, it is better not to publish them at all, but to give some time to develop the site. While you can record some videos, set autoposting on social networks and so on.

Tips for attracting free referrals from VK ​​

Any social network is suitable for inviting people to your team. However, not everyone can effectively use this method. Someone makes mistakes, someone does not know the subtleties or deliberately ignores the rules.

In order to get a set of referrals from VK gave good results, listen to these recommendations:

  • be prepared for your accounts to be periodically frozen for suspicious activity. Therefore, it is better to buy at least a dozen profiles (on);
  • for no reason do not publish direct affiliate links, because the Vkontakte bot will immediately determine them and delete, and the account will block;
  • if you start adding comments, then select suitable posts and topics, you should not post a link thoughtlessly;
  • look for subject groups; in VK there are many public relations on earnings, where there is an open wall or comments;
  • in groups do not publish more than 3 comments under different entries, otherwise you may be blocked;
  • make one effective and rasochny post quoting and post on their wall, it will prove useful in the future to repost;
  • are actively recruiting friends to submit an application, write that you accept as a friend. The more friends and subscribers, the more page views;
  • look for popular and relevant hashtags, add them to your entries, it helps to get more views;
  • when you start to distribute the link, put the text, it should be different, sketch 10-20 different templates;
  • to make it easier to start, use the profitable cheat Vkontakte. Recruit first subscribers, friends, order repost.

To attract referrals from VC should be taken seriously. As often as possible go to the network and maintain communication with users.

Suddenly, someone will be interested and he will have questions, such help is the best way to convince a person to register and start buying, ordering, earning something.

How to attract referrals from VC, bypass link blocking

Where can I get active referrals from VK?

A huge number of sites offer beneficial cooperation. If you want to earn money on referrals who will do some work, we strongly recommend the following projects:

  1. Wmmail-mailer with a 5-level affiliate program.
  2. Service markups in social. networks gives 15% of the earnings of refs.
  3. The Socpublic clique sponsor charges up to 60% of revenue.
  4. The affiliate program aggregator pays 5% of the referral income.
  5. Freelance Exchange gives 2. 5% -3. 5% off orders.
  6. The exchange of comments charges 20% from customers and 10% from performers.
  7. Books also pays up to 60% of referral income.
  8. The payment system gives up to 40% of the referral transaction fee.
  9. The copywriting exchange pays 25% of its income from your refs.
  10. The exchange of articles also pays 25% from commission on orders.

Through all these projects we ourselves earn from referral networks. There are not only favorable conditions, but also stable fair payments with transparent statistics. Some of the sites work for more than 10 years.

When you start earning on affiliate programs, income seems too small. The fact is that here you first need to assemble a large team, because then every employee gets a lot of money.

Do not stop half way, if you decide to recruit VC referrals, then continue to work, because with the income of the invited people, the money will come for life.

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