How to assess the quality of public Vkontakte? 4 evaluation criteria

Using communities in social networks, users get a lot of opportunities to promote their sites and make money on the Internet. It is not at all easy to create a public and promote it, nevertheless, it is quite realistic and it can be done absolutely without investment. The most important thing is to find a suitable option.

What will determine the effectiveness of website promotion or the level of earnings? Naturally, the quality of your public. How to assess the quality of public Vkontakte? You can do this by drawing attention to several important indicators. In this article we will present these figures, with the purchase of groups they will also be useful.

How to assess the quality of public Vkontakte? 4 evaluation criteria

Qualitative groups of Vkontakte

You can determine whether a community is qualitative by the following criteria:

  1. Live members. It is easy to learn a live audience in a group or "overtaken" bots, just look at the number of comments, reposts, likes, etc. Absolutely any user activity indicates that people are alive. In addition, among the participants in the group should be as little as possible deleted and frozen profiles.
  2. Public statistics. Thanks to group statistics, you can also determine the quality of the community. In particular, you need to pay attention to the number of unique visitors. This indicator must take up 10% of the total number of visits. If this indicator is below 5%, this already indicates a low quality of public.
  3. Audience criteria. When assessing the quality of the public, it is necessary to consider the data about the audience. It is difficult to present any data here, because the target audience may be different, it all depends on the goals. When buying, this should be taken into account first of all, and if, suppose, the group is female, and there are a lot of men in it, you should think about the advisability of the purchase.
  4. Admin activity. A quality group must necessarily be steadily filled with information that would naturally attract users. Public records in which the records appear once a week can hardly be called high-quality and interesting.

How to assess the quality of public Vkontakte? 4 evaluation criteria

If you determine the quality of a public in order to run advertising on it, then take into account not the total number of participants, but the level of attendance. People who joined the group may not see your advertisement at all, therefore you need to consider only active users .

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