How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

We start controversy in everyday life, and to make it more interesting to resolve it, something is at stake.

Money is the best option, but not everyone agrees. There was a new startup where people conclude a dispute on money, choosing arbitrary amounts and any topics.

The project is a service for disputes and earnings, which has attracted huge investments. This is another proof that you can create something fresh and interesting on the Internet.

Developers use crowdfunding, accept investments from everyone, partially integrating it into their project.

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

Investing in Betonmoney

Through a special service, the developers of BetonMoney collect money for the development of their project. With the help of this crowdfunding system, many interesting services were launched.

At the moment, total investment in the project exceeds $ 181,000 , and 164 sponsors acted as contributors:

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

Perpetual investments, from which receive stable payments from dividends. This is a great way of profitable investment, in addition, for the contribution to the development of Betonmoney are different privileges.

First, it opens access to performing simple tasks in social networks (project advertising), which brings from 10 to 50 dollars. Secondly, the exchange rate of points received by the affiliate program is more profitable.

The minimum investment is $ 50, the remaining amounts are indicated in this image:

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

If you have been looking for a reliable start-up for deposits for a long time, register on Startupum and invest money .

Already, more than 25,000 participants are registered on the site, who have opened up several thousand disputes. This is the best guarantee of the investor, the project really liked a large audience, plus it continues to refine.

How to argue and make money on Betonmoney?

You can argue on any topic, making bets from $ 1. The maximum amount in disputes is not limited. After registration (or authorization through social networks), you will see the available disputes or you can create your own. Usually the reason for the dispute is something trivial:

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

As you see, people argue for 10-50 dollars. It is interesting and not very risky at the same time. Naturally, first you need to replenish the internal balance. Make at least one dollar, you can choose from the following methods:

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

Points are credited to the internal account, they are equivalent to a dollar. The site interface is simple and convenient, so you quickly figure it out. Constantly winning all the same fail, but the most important thing is a victory in disputes with large sums.

You can win less than half of the disputes, but stay in the black:

How to argue and make money on betonmoney?

If you have no money to start, use an affiliate program. For different actions of the involved participants, cubic meters of concrete (KB) are accrued, which are exchanged for real money.

Here, the main plus for investors in Betonmoney, since for them the exchange rate of 100 KB = $ 5, for all the other 1000 KB = $ 5. This unusual currency is charged for the following actions:

  • registration 10 KB;
  • recharge (every $ 10 - 50 KB);
  • open disputes (rate from 10 $ 100 KB);
  • by 10 KB, for each entered the dispute (with a rate of $ 10);
  • participation in another dispute (50KB for rates from 10 $);
  • 10 KB for each $ 10 played out in an accepted dispute.
  • replenishment of the account with a referral (20 KB for every $ 10);
  • creation of 30 KB with a referral dispute (rate from $ 10);
  • 3 KB for every $ 10,
  • referral’s participation in another dispute of 15KB (bids from $ 10);
  • 3KB for every $ 10 played in this dispute.

Under the terms of the affiliate program, deductions amount to 20% of the system’s revenue.

It collects a percentage of each dispute, and if referrals are active, it brings a good income. If you have your own website or another popular site, contact the developers, they will offer individual conditions.

It is not surprising that Betonmoney attracted many investors and ordinary users. This is a unique project with which you can earn money in several ways at once. Sign up and start arguing, it's profitable.

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