How to analyze a competitor's site, the best services

If no one would create websites other than you, imagine how many visitors could you gain?

Unfortunately, now it is difficult to break through, new resources are being created almost every day, and they are being promoted by real pros, spending huge amounts of money on it.

Analysis of a competitor's site helps to determine exactly how the resource is being promoted, on which requests and to collect other information.

On the basis of all this, it is convenient to create your own promotion strategy and achieve maximum efficiency from it. You need to do such checks all the time; they help you to promote your resource.

How to analyze a competitor's site, the best services

Analysis of requests and attendance of a competitor’s site and create target pages for the main pages.

Search engines do not advertise the list of factors that are evaluated when ranking, so you need to follow a simple rule - do better than others.

The service offers an ideal analysis of a competitor’s site for keywords. For this, the site visibility tool has been created. Just enter the site address, select a region and get a list of requests with the best positions and a link to the page:

How to analyze a competitor's site, the best services

This is one of the ways to collect the best keywords for your site. With the help of MagaIndeks system, it is possible to analyze the competitor of the site using other indicators.

Tools will be useful for this:

  1. Query analysis - determining the position using the key of a specific site.
  2. External links - reference weight check, references to donors sorted by TIC are issued.
  3. Outbound links - checking sites that link to other sites.
  4. Clustering - on the machine collects a database of requests based on competitors.
  5. Relevance Analysis - check page for compliance with the request.

With such a set of functions, it is easy to make an analysis of competitor sites. We need to collect as much data as possible, this allows us to decide exactly how to promote our site. If the tools are not enough, use the other 15 services to explore competitors. Need to evaluate every little thing.

Independent analysis of competitor sites

Without online services, you can also check. An experienced optimizer acts like this. He selects a request to promote the site, then enters it in the search engines and opens the first 10 sites. Further, various factors are evaluated, keyword density, text size, information content, and so on.

Similarly, you can act without checking any indicators. There is still an interesting way to determine what interests visitors of competitor sites more through social networks.

A service has been created for this. It shows which pages are better shared on social networks:

How to analyze a competitor's site, the best services

For young site owners, this helps to decide which content should be used to fill the sites. Visiting competitors' resources, pay attention to everything, the first positions in the search are not given for a beautiful design (although this is a factor).

However, the most important are:

  • loading speed;
  • behavioral factors;
  • design quality;
  • content format;
  • media files;
  • correct key arrangement;
  • the number of accurate and vague occurrences;
  • traffic sources;
  • reference environment.

Over time, the data changes, so you need to monitor their relevance. Conduct checks as often as possible, delve into the data and, if necessary, use the information. For example, it comes in handy for compiling a semantic core or searching for donors to purchase links.

Start website promotion with Seohammer and forget about everything, the professionals will do all the necessary work to bring the site to the first places.

Analysis of the competitors' site is free to carry out, so there is no need to pay for such services.

Use all the necessary tools, online systems and for each competitor keep separate files with information. Do better than others and your efforts will definitely appreciate search engines.

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