How to add a WordPress subscription form?

With the help of Email newsletters, webmasters force visitors to return to their sites, send news information, and even earn good money.

Each blog has a simple subscription form through which the subscriber base is collected. If your site does not yet have such a form, be sure to install it.

Installing a Smartresponder subscription to WordPress does not take much time, and newbies will definitely cope with this.

The guide to launching a mailing list is useful for beginners, it presents the basic rules. Why choose Smartresponder? Because it is the best email newsletter service.

How to add a WordPress subscription form?

The easiest way to install a subscription form is to download a special widget on the official website. There you will find detailed instructions and be able to familiarize yourself with the main parameters.

The plugin adjusts the appearance, form size and much more:

How to add a WordPress subscription form?

The instructions on the official website will help you, but widgets are not always I want to install in the engine. First, it binds the hands of professionals who want to make any changes to the code. Secondly, it is an additional load on the server.

Therefore, it is better to simply use the code of the form and manually install it:

  1. First go to your account. Go to the "Files" section and find there several formats of the subscription form. Select the appropriate option and click on it:
  2. How to add a WordPress subscription form?
  3. The code is opened, through which you can then add a subscription form to any pages of the site:
  4. How to add a WordPress subscription form?
  5. Now go to the admin panel where you want to create a widget for the new form. Go to the section with widgets and drag the "Text" block to the right place:
  6. How to add a WordPress subscription form?
  7. Now it only remains to add the code copied in the second step and, if necessary, add some title:
  8. How to add a WordPress subscription form?

Integrating a Smartresponder into WordPress is extremely simple, all actions take a few minutes. If desired, add different tags to the code, change the size and other parameters.

If you want to set a subscription form for each blog entry, add the resulting code to the single file. php (you can add to the beginning of the comments. php code).

Use the appropriate method to set the Smartresponder form in WordPress. This mailing service does not just take first place in all the TOPs, but due to several templates, you can easily choose the best look so that everything fits the overall design of the site.

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