How to add a site in DMOZ, service Vdmoze (closed)

There are quite a few sites on the Internet called site directories. Every webmaster knows that registering in these directories is not an effective method of website promotion, but the DMOZ directory is another matter entirely.

A huge number of sites added to this directory (over 5 million) does not yet indicate that there is no benefit from it. Before the sites received links in DMOZ, they were manually checked for quality and not all webmasters' applications were approved.

The quality of the site depends on many factors that will have to be considered when evaluating the site. If the site is in DMOZ it makes no sense to check it, because the administrators of this directory have already done this. Requirements for sites are quite high and the selection is quite tough.
(service closed)

Directory of high-quality sites DMOZ

Why add a site to this directory? There are several reasons for this:

  • When selling links, you can set higher prices.
  • Search engines consider DMOZ sites to be of higher quality.
  • The trust of the site increases.
  • Increases the credibility of the site.
  • You get a quality link.
  • The addition to DMOZ in most cases is accompanied by a positive change in puzomerok.

Observing the positive aspects of adding a site to the DMOZ directory, you will definitely want to get a link from this site as soon as possible. But do not hurry, to get into it you will need to perform a whole range of actions . According to statistics, only 10% of applications get approval, it is quite possible that they will refuse you, even if you have a NLL.

How to add a site in DMOZ, service Vdmoze (closed)

You can increase your chances by drafting an application. If you hear about the catalog for the first time and have no idea how sites are added there, you can contact the Vdmoze service. net. The organizers of this project provide assistance in applying to DMOZ, for a symbolic amount of 300 rubles.

At the moment the action is being held and you can use the services for 199 rubles. According to statistics, 29 applications from 696 produced by the service were rejected, that is, about 4%. Not sure how to add a site to DMOZ? Vdmoze. net is the perfect solution to your problem.

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