How to add a blog to Yandex and Google? instruction

The implementation of your site needs to start with a local (Denwer) or closed domain so that search engines do not immediately start indexing the site.

Why? Until useful information appears on your resource, until you delete all links from the template and configure the necessary parameters, you shouldn’t show it to Yandex and Google.

You need to add a site to search engines only when it is fully prepared to receive visitors .

Think about how customers would react if they were invited to an unfinished store, where there is no roof or wall? The site should be ready. If you have already done everything, then you can learn how to add a blog to Yandex and Google from our instructions.

How to add a blog to Yandex and Google? instruction

How to add a site to search engines?

In principle, you can place links to your resource using any indexed site. For example, you can add a link on the wall of your Vkontakte page or specify it in the microblog tweet.

After a certain time, the search engine will find the link and index the site, but for this to happen for sure, use the ad-urilka.

Addurl (adurilka) - these are special services in search engines, designed to alert you to the emergence of new resources.

You can enter them and without registration send to the search engines the addresses of all new sites:

How to add a blog to Yandex and Google? instruction

You can find the services of the most popular search engines via these links and It’s hard to say for how long your website will be checked, but as practice shows, Google does it much faster. Within a few days, a special robot will visit your site and collect the necessary information.

Most importantly, do not rush to add a new site to the ad-urile. In addition to being fully developed, install a sitemap. With its help, the search bot will be easier to check all the pages on the site.

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