How PROhq cares about freelance profit - Profit Hunter

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Many have tried themselves as freelancers, and some even use freelancing as a tool to build their business. Someone is looking for clients through connections, someone familiarly, but still the absolute majority use modern solutions, which are the name of the freelance exchange.

Today we are talking about the PROhq freelance market and what benefits it gives us.

How PROhq cares about freelance profit - Profit Hunter

First, a multifunctional profile that works as a complete project management system. A project can be conducted simultaneously by several co-contractors, while breaking it up into stages. All edits from the customer are obtained directly in the profile, documents and payment can also be made through the exchange - it is convenient and minimizes the risk of non-payment or failure to meet deadlines.

In the office there is the possibility of telephone communication. The trick here is that it is an online phone that PROhq allows you to set up for paid consultations, as well as for constant communication with the client via redirection to the mobile. By the way, now there is an action, which, when you connect the phone after registration, you get $ 3 to the account. This amount can be spent on redirection, which I advise everyone to do immediately.

How PROhq cares about freelance profit - Profit Hunter

It is necessary to note the quality of the display portfolio. Drawing projects show not one title and picture, but briefly the essence of the project, you can reflect the achievements of the project.

Secondly, an honest rating. The rating includes about a dozen different points for which a specialist is evaluated. Cheating here do not work. Freelancers can pass tests confirming their professional level for free (there are already more than 50 of them on the site). Plus, there is a paid accreditation option: diplomas and certificates are loaded through the profile, as well as other documents that the PROhq administration analyzes and improves your level on this basis.

Thirdly, a large base of projects - for the moment, projects worth almost 10 million rubles have been published, and this figure is constantly growing. Search for multi-part, for all profiles known to me, and not only web professions. For the lazy in profile, auto-compilation of projects in your direction is broadcast.

Fourth, on PROhq there is an opportunity to work legally, by bank transfer. The exchange team provides assistance on the organization of IP, to move to a new level of business and cooperate with major customers.

Total, we have a quality tool for the development of freelancing business, a professional exchange that allows you to conduct projects and clients at any level of projects.

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