How Profit Hunter check cashed ... - Profit Hunter

How Profit Hunter check cashed ... - Profit Hunter The Google PIN from Adsense just came to me, followed by a check for a modest amount (the first, after all). I decided not to put it in the box and on the shelf, I need it more ๐Ÿ™‚

Naturally, I immediately had a choice: either go to the bank or send a check to the office, which will change it. I would, maybe, went to the bank, it seems to be near, more reliable (albeit longer), but I, you know, live in the outback, therefore, who knows how much I would have waited for this money. And so there are enough problems to worry about such trifles.

Therefore, without thinking twice, I opened Google, entered the query โ€œcashing checksโ€ and began to read everything they wrote there. And they only write about banks. Well, I think I will go against my rules and click on an advertisement EPayService. (It is, by the way, is now hanging in the same place.)

How Profit Hunter check cashed ... - Profit Hunter

I looked at the information about the service, read the company's history, it turned out that the company is not new at all, and she even has a license to cash checks issued to a third name. In addition, the company has an office in St. Petersburg, which reduces the cost of postal services. (They write that there will be to expand, as soon as they would have opened in Kiev, there would have been a fairy tale ๐Ÿ™‚).

In general, I packed my check and sent it in an ordinary letter to Russia. It took more than two weeks to deliver the letter to its destination (San Francisco) - by a simple letter to Peter, and from there a fast courier service (they are already doing this themselves, and at their own expense.) Of course, it is possible and faster, but for this you need to use the courier service and send the letter immediately to the USA. I probably would have done so, if I had such an opportunity. (By the way, if you live in St. Petersburg, you can deposit a check directly into the office.)

My account was replenished within one day after receiving the check. I was charged 2. 5%. This tariff is already valid for checks Google Adsense, CCBill, Copeac, Verotel, Epoch, CamPoint, WebPower. For other checks, the standard fare is 5%.

I did not order the card, I decided to leave this case for later in order to immediately order a more impressive card (there are cards that allow you to withdraw up to $ 25,000 per day, although it costs $ 300). Transferred all the money to WebMoney.

In general, I liked it.

p. with. The company is engaged not only in cashing checks. If necessary, EPayService can provide you with an individual address in the United States to receive checks and other letters. With their help, you can also send checks yourself, change money from ePassporte to WMZ and back, accept warders and ASN, Direct Deposit (these seem to be the same transfers as Waer, but only within the USA), etc. If you are interested, read FAQ on the site.

p. p. And the services of this office uses SEO-Writer.

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