How not to sell advertising on the Internet?

One of the best monetization options for any site is direct advertisers.

Are you the owner of a blog, forum, even groups in social networks, in any case, you need to attract advertisers and sell them your services, since it is profitable. Finding them is not easy, but besides this, you also need to communicate with them correctly.

In this article we would like to explain how not to sell advertising. Most recently, I decided to advertise a product (I used an affiliate program), but I ran into a problem.

Far from all the owners of various resources went into a direct dialogue, and some even responded in such a way that they wanted to immediately close the dialogue.

How not to sell advertising on the Internet?

And how do you sell advertising?

First of all, I selected thematic blogs and started contacting their owners. You have no idea what my surprise was when, when communicating with one of the bloggers, he conducted a dialogue as if he had thousands of direct advertisers and my proposal was absolutely not interesting for him:

How not to sell advertising on the Internet?

I was ready to lay out a couple of thousand rubles for the placement of regular advertising, and the site owner himself posted an advertisement on the forums that he was ready to monetize the site with direct advertising.

We did not discuss the order, did not discuss the price, I did not even know what kind of advertising could be placed. Naturally, no further correspondence followed. I was not upset, because now I find people willing to advertise quite a lot.

If you are the owner of any site, never refuse the offers of direct advertisers . The fact is that after a successful collaboration, this person can return to you again or advise other advertisers.

The advantages of this method of monetization are obvious, there are no commissions and you can discuss all the details in a free form. In addition, you can offer additional services, getting more money for it.

Direct advertisers rarely contact you? And what do you do to attract them? Maybe right now someone is looking for groups on social networks to advertise, but just does not know that you agree to do so.

To make similar offers to you, first of all use the best SEO forums. Almost on each of them there are sections like a smoking room or special pro ads, where you can find owners of entire networks of sites.

Also you can see who orders advertising from other video bloggers, webmasters and contact them with a direct offer.

It takes a lot of time to attract direct advertisers, and so that the work is not wasted, you need to immediately develop the conversation, explaining all the rules, possibilities, presenting different statistics, and so on.

Interest the advertiser with any words, because at any moment he may change his mind, and considering the benefits of such links, this is a serious loss.

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