How much does Google earn? infa in numbers

If you ask a question to Internet users, “Which site brings the most profit?”, Then without a doubt, most would call the global search engine Google.

This company is known to all and is actively developing, and in several directions at once. What for? To increase your profits several times.

How much does Google earn? According to the latest report for the third quarter of 2014, this company managed to earn 16. 52 billion dollars . Last year, they earned 20% less in the same quarter, so obviously the invested work was not wasted.

How much does Google earn? infa in numbers

Google's revenues for 2014

The search engine has an impressive attendance and a huge Adsense partner base. Advertising generates over 90% of the total profits of the global search engine. Now the cost of a click in their advertising service is so high, but over the last quarter this figure increased by another 17% (last year by 22%).

Why does the cost of a click on Google Adwords increase? This is due to the high level of competition. More and more people are starting to use the Internet to advertise and attract customers.

Accordingly, the profit from advertisers helps the company to earn even more money.

How much does Google earn? infa in numbers

Google is based in the United States, but today it makes a profit from all over the world. According to official data, from 16. 52 billion dollars received in the third quarter, 9. 55 billion were received outside the United States. This indicates that over 50% of the revenue they receive from foreign users.

Developing your company and increasing profits naturally increases costs. If last year 4. 58 billion, then this year they amounted to 6. 1 billion dollars (33% of the profits). When these data appeared on the network, the value of the shares plummeted, but soon again began to grow actively.

No one is surprised that Google makes a lot of money. In addition to advertising, the search engine is actively using other options for making a profit, paid apps on Google Play, buying memory in the cloud storage Drive, selling Google Glass, and so on.

The worldwide search engine has enough sources of profit, but advertising is the basis.

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