How much do video bloggers earn? YouTube advertising revenue

The so-called Vlogs (video blogs) are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, and this type of project is already quite common abroad. Why keep videoblogs? In this case, the goals coincide with those for which regular blogs are being created - promote, promote a business, and make money.

How much do video bloggers earn? One of the most interesting questions that cannot be answered exactly. The fact is that video blogs, like regular blogs, can be monetized in various ways, so profit is not always determined by the number of video views viewed.

How much do video bloggers earn? YouTube advertising revenue

Earnings of video bloggers

To find out how much a video blog can bring, let's consider how it can be monetized:

  • Set Ads.
  • Do paid reviews.
  • Work with direct advertisers.
  • Use affiliate programs.

These are the most common types of earnings on YouTube channels. Depending on which of them and how actively the video blogger uses, his profit is built.

How much do video bloggers earn? YouTube advertising revenue

How much does advertising on YouTube bring?

By approximate calculation, standard advertising for this video hosting brings from 1 to 1. 5 dollars for 1000 views. For rough estimates, take the value 1. 25. Now let's consider the income from standard advertising on a specific example.

The popular SteveKardynal channel, which hosts videos of a crazy guy making a presentation in video chat rooms, collects a huge amount of views. His latest video has collected 18 million views, so you can get about 22.5 thousand dollars on a standard advertisement from this video.

Calculations are primitive and are conducted solely for example, actual numbers may differ.

Even if this amount is reduced to $ 10,000, for a movie with a duration of 2. 45 minutes, this is a decent fee. As practice shows, such records are very rarely created for the purpose of high income. In most cases, a large number of views collect random entries. If you are lucky enough to create a movie with the same number of views, you can build on this success.

How much do video bloggers earn? YouTube advertising revenue

Please note that our rough calculations were based on the use of regular YouTube ads. Using other ways to monetize, you can earn even more. Again, consider an example.

If you watched Max +100500 videos, you should have noticed that in some episodes he advertises energy drinks. The cap with the logo of this company, the changed background and the talk about what a wonderful drink this is is another opportunity for Max to increase his income.

There is nothing bad in it, everyone is looking for opportunities to earn money, if you had such an opportunity, you would definitely take advantage of it.

It’s impossible to determine exactly how much video bloggers make, but it’s safe to say that you can make huge amounts of money on YouTube.

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