How much do Ukrainian freelancers earn? | Workion. ru

Comparing the statistics of the working population in the post-Soviet space, Ukraine is immediately struck.

It is in this country that most people earn money on the Internet. This is due to various factors, and recent events in the country have forced many to think about their future.

Why are there many freelancers in Ukraine? Due to the crisis in 2015, the number of remote workers began to increase dramatically.

People just don’t have enough money, and the world wide web blurs the boundaries and makes it easy to work abroad. In addition, in order to save, many companies have begun to attract freelancers.

How much do Ukrainian freelancers earn? | Workion. ru

Ukrainian freelancing

To begin with, remote work is a modern trend, so absolutely in all countries there is an increase in the number of freelancers . The job search in Ukraine is often delayed, and when everyone is talking about making money online, I also want to try to do it.

According to one company, every fifth Ukrainian tried to make money on the Internet. Also, according to unofficial data, about 10% of this number of people did not abandon their undertakings, but continue to receive money online.

Every Ukrainian can register for

and find a remote job.

As the citizens themselves explain, they are frightened by the constant changes in the country and the instability of the hryvnia. Being engaged in freelancing, you can get dollars or even euros, and given today's rate, it has become even more profitable.

Who does remote work more often?

Freelancers are selected by the following groups of specialists:

  • journalists;
  • programmers;
  • consultants;
  • webmasters;
  • designers;
  • copywriters;
  • translators.

In general, it is not necessary to be a professional in the field related to the Internet. Often looking for specialists in the field of medicine, cars, law and so on. Without skills, you can always get a job as an operator of those. support or admin communities on social networks.

How much do Ukrainian freelancers earn? | Workion. ru

How much do Ukrainian freelancers earn?

Everyone has different incomes, and some use the Internet only for part-time work.

After visiting several forums and finding information on this topic, we managed to find out that one journalist, in addition to working in a local newspaper, writes and sells articles for news websites and this brings her from 1500 to 2000 hryvnia every month.

Another girl tells that she started freelancing during a decree and earns money on copywriting. She writes small articles for sites on the subject of design, allocates several hours at night. Such a part-time job brings in 3,000 hryvnia per month, which is quite good for remote regions.

Naturally, there are those who receive even more. Mostly programmers talk about this. They assure that even with the initial knowledge of programming, you can secure a profit of $ 500 per month. And if you gain experience and find good customers, the amount is multiplied at least twice.

No matter how much freelancing brings, they should be engaged. Immediately turn it into the main source of family income will not work, but if you work hard for several months and earn a rating, you can count on a stable income.

There are many freelancers in Ukraine and this is not surprising. People are willing to work, but there are not enough jobs at all, but somewhere they pay pitiful pennies.

If you are one of those who are not happy with your salary and what you have to do, think about remote work. Consider all the ways to make money on the Internet to find the best option.

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