How much do all the money in the world weigh?

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How much does all the money in the world weigh? Try to guess a couple of tons, maybe ten thousand tons. To determine the exact figure, you first need to figure out how much money in the world in general and how much individual sums weigh.

In addition, you need to choose some currency, because $ 100 in the US is one bill, and if you convert it to Belarusian rubles, there are already a few.

How much do all the money in the world weigh?

Total weight of all money

To find out how much all the money in the world weighs, let's use the dollar currency. It is convenient to count in it, especially since calculations have been made for a long time and a million dollars in bills of $ 100 weighs 10 kg.

Such an amount would fit perfectly in a case, but in a container with a loading capacity of 40 tons, it will already fit $ 4 billion. Now imagine 50 billion dollars, they occupy the whole football field 180 meters long:

How much do all the money in the world weigh?

According to approximate data, if you transfer all the money into American currency, you will get about 64 trillion dollars. It is just so much money all over the world, but to imagine how they will look is quite difficult.

First, let's see, what 1 trillion "forever green" looks like:

How much do all the money in the world weigh?

You can still imagine this, but now multiply all the bills at 64. If you put out such amount of money around the popular statue of liberty, you will be surprised.

The block will be several times higher than it, and its weight will be 60 million kilograms:

How much do all the money in the world weigh?

Naturally, this is not an exact amount Because, for convenience, we transferred all the money in the world into dollars. Some currencies are heavier, some are lighter, plus everything else has coins. According to experts, the weight of all the money on earth, if not converted into dollars, is 70 times more.

The total weight of all the money in the world is approximately 42 billion kilograms.

No one will ever be able to collect all the money in one place, so no one can give an exact answer to the question “How much money weighs”.

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