How much can you earn on the site? INFA in numbers

Earnings on the Internet is one of the reasons why a huge audience of users comes online every day.

A good, proven and profitable option for remote earnings is the creation of your site and almost every newbie knows this. Therefore, more and more websites are becoming available every day, but not all of them receive a decent profit from them.

How much can you earn on the site? Difficult question, because some manage to reach millions in income, and some begin to sell as many links from their sites as possible in order to at least somehow cover the costs.

But one thing is for sure, with the created resources, the profit will come out exactly.

How much can you earn on the site? INFA in numbers

How much do they earn on websites in numbers?

One of the key points in the potential of the site is its idea. If you come up with something extraordinary and interesting, most likely you will be able to attract attention, and the more you are interested in, the higher your income will be.

Have you come up with a good idea yet? Try to discard the statistics and all the information about optimization, think about which platform could really interest a lot of people.

The second important factor is the subject. Judging from the experience, for example, revenues from contextual advertising are directly dependent on the subject of the resource.

For example, contextual advertising from a site about real estate brings in several times more profit than from a resource with children's fairy tales. Why? Because real estate advertisers are more generous, and the niche itself is more profitable.

In addition, in such areas as finance, real estate, Forex is a serious competition, therefore prices for advertising are very different.

If we talk about exact numbers, then there are about 2. 5 - 3. 5 thousand rubles a month (just the context) from a site with fairy tales, while income from a resource on real estate make up almost 10,000 rubles.

The difference is obvious, although the attendance of sites is almost the same 700-1000 hosts per day. Of course, partly the role is played by the advertisement itself, the effectiveness of promotional materials, the location of the blocks, and so on, but with such examples it’s really noticeable that the difference is big.

How much can you earn from selling links?

When selling links, the most important indicators are puzomerki. If the TIC and PR site is large, the cost of the links will be much higher. In order not to write a lot of unnecessary text, let's look at prices with different indicators of puzomerok:

How much can you earn on the site? INFA in numbers

With decent indicators of TIC and PR, you can get an average of 3000 rubles for just one link. Here are the prices for a brief overview (service).

If there are about 100 pages on your resource, you can sell at least 20 links from them without the risk of being hit by filters, and this is serious money, but not everyone can get a TIC even at 1000.

How much can you earn on the site? INFA in numbers

And now there are already more real numbers, since it is quite realistic to type up to 100 TICs. If you succeed, you can sell links for about 500 rubles, and according to a safe scheme, using only 20% of the pages for the sale, you can also make good money.

By selling at least 10-15 links a month, you will earn 5-7 thousand rubles. The money is small, but the risks are reduced, because if you sell too many links, you can go under the filters of search engines.

Affiliate programs and direct advertisers

These are additional monetization methods (although some use affiliate programs as a basis). Periodically, you can advertise partners on relevant products to get a good traffic envelope.

As for direct advertisers, they do not appear so often, therefore stability in this regard cannot be achieved.

In any case, with the active use of both methods and attendance of about 1000 hosts per day, you can earn at least 5000 rubles per month.

Summing up: the exact earnings figures on the websites do not exist, everything is as in business, there is a large fish, and there are small fish. In any case, if you type at least some TIC, and you also achieve attendance of 1000 per day, the site should bring at least 10-15 thousand rubles.

The most important thing is to monetize properly, cooperate with good services and use effective promotional materials.

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