How many people use the Internet to make money?

If you ask a question how many people constantly log into the network, then the answers can be divided into two parts - a lot and a little.

Some people think that now everyone is surfing the Internet, while others think that these technologies are not yet Reached a huge number of people. Both answers are correct, since not everyone appreciated all the advantages of the global network.

How many people are online? It is almost impossible to make a calculation, and these statistics are different everywhere.

According to rough estimates, 57% of the population remains in the world, which does not yet use the Internet. If we consider only Russia, then the indicator is slightly higher - in our country 66% already use the network .

How many people use the Internet to make money?

Who does not use the Internet?

According to data provided by analysts, most people do not use the Internet from the age of 55, residents of small cities and villages, as well as citizens without education. Modern technologies are alien to them, but in the near future everything should change, as the trend is positive.

It is quite difficult to collect such information. Indicators in different countries may vary greatly.

There are states where the percentage of the population using the global network is off the scale, and there are countries where 90% of citizens do not join the network. If we take the general indicators, then about 4 billion people, although they use the Internet, but not constantly.

One study helped to find out that in 2014, 2 spent time on the Internet. 9 billion users . In 2015, the figure increased to 3. 2 billion.

If we take into account these data, almost 43. 5% of people in the world have already used the Internet. Despite the modernization and all sorts of innovations, in recent years there has been some decline in trends.

Simply put, the percentage of new users is decreasing each year.

What else needs to be noted is the active growth of mobile traffic. In Russia, there are now more than 12 million users visiting the network from phones and tablets.

The main audience is the younger generation, before they were considered to be wealthy, but now mobile devices are not so expensive.

Imagine how many people the Internet is dragging on is almost impossible, this is a huge number. Most often, they visit virtual spaces to get news, download movies and books, communicate on social networks and via email.

Also, one study helped to find out that 70% of the population is interested in working and learning in the network.

How many people use the Internet to make money?

How many people use the Internet to earn money?

Of the total number of Russian citizens in Russia, only 4% work through the Internet.

The indicator is not serious, but experts are confident that in 2020 20% of Russians will work remotely. Their forecast will come true or not, while it is difficult to judge, because every little thing can affect the direction of the trend.

Given the active development of e-commerce and the constant increase in the number of users of the worldwide network, it becomes clear that the Internet is the best place to make money.

Remote work has a lot of advantages, and even a beginner can do it. See ways to make money on the Internet and choose the options that suit you.

What will they pay you? Electronic money, for example, on WebMoney purses (how to register Webmoney).

You can repay loans from a virtual account, pay for something, or simply withdraw money to a card. For this, exchange points have been created, and for the withdrawal rate to be profitable, you can use monitoring:

How many people use the Internet to make money?

You can transfer any amounts from any payment system and to a card of any bank. To understand all this, you need to spend no more than a day of free time.

Interesting article, isn't it? In addition to the fact that it tells about how many people use the Internet, you also learned about the possibility of remote earnings.

Use any method and start receiving money without leaving home, it is profitable.

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